Thursday, March 13, 2008

John Kerry gets punked by Mattera

Jason Mattera of Young America's Foundation has a set of stones the size of a couple of bowling balls. Last September, he wrangled John "Abscam" Murtha into an impromptu interview in the halls of our nation's Capitol, and this time, Mattera's target was John "Jenjis Khan" Kerry.

In 1971, Kerry told blatant lies and exaggerations to Congress about the behavior of our soldiers in Vietnam. This was after Kerry had attended a meeting with other anti-war vets (and faux vets) called Winter Soldier. In a few days, some Iraq/Afghanistan War veterans will be meeting at Winter Soldier II in order to defame our honorable servicemen serving in those two theaters of operation. Mattera begins his interview by asking Kerry if he has any words of advice for the veterans who will be attending Winter Soldier II:

John Kerry is so slimy, I feel like I need a shower after watching this clip. I'm wondering how many fakes will be at this Winter Soldier II meeting? Fakes like this guy:

This is Jesse Macbeth, who for a while was a darling of the anti-war left as he spun tails of atrocities that he committed against Iraqi civilians. Never mind that none of his stories were true, and that in reality, he never even made it out of basic training! Macbeth ended up serving time in jail for lying about his service record and falsifying his service documents.

I am not suggesting that there haven't been any crimes committed by our soldiers in either Iraq or Afghanistan - even during World War II, 69 U.S. soldiers were executed for murder or rape in the European Theater alone - but there is an obvious difference between the criminal acts of a small group of individual soldiers who are usually punished for their actions, and a sanctioned and organized campaign of murder and terror that has been carried out by so many armies and their commanders throughout history.

I too have serious issues with the way these two current wars are being waged, but vilifying and smearing our troops is simply shameful.

Good Day to You, Sir

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