Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama's "spiritual advisor" is a hateful racist

Since he entered the presidential fray, questions have floated around about Barack Obama's Afrocentric church of which he has been a member for the last 20 years. During that time the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago has been headed by a pastor named Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama has called his "spiritual advisor." Obama even borrowed the name of one of Wright's sermons - The Audacity of Hope - as the title of his recent book.

In the last few months, more and more has been coming out about the racial and political views of the Reverend Wright, including a cozy support of Crazy Louie Farrakhan, who is an outright racist and Jew-hater. Up until this week, all the talk of Wright's views have been rather academic and, quite frankly, ho-hum. Now Obama has some explaining to do. Video and audio of some of Wright's sermons (insane rants is more like it) have been shown on selected t.v. news shows, and of course, they are spreading far and wide on conservative talk radio and the blogosphere. Michael Savage has a good roundup of the audio soundbites of Reverend Wright, here and here. Some of these soundbites are repeated in the video below, but not all of them. My favorite audio soundbite is where Wright is instructing his followers to not say "God Bless America", but rather, "God Damn America."

Best of all, here is some video of the good Reverend getting his whitey-hating groove on. My favorite part is where the rev insists that Barack Obama is not rich or privileged.

Good Lord! This is the man to whom Barack Obama looks for spiritual guidance? What scares me even more is the joyous hootin', hollerin', swayin', and clappin' rippling throughout the audience as they give the reverend a big Amen while he spews his racist hatred. I am noticing a pattern. Between this Wright character and Obama's America-bashing wife, Michelle Obama, you have start to wonder what Obama's true views are. Which of course brings us back to why so many people are nervous about the fact that Obama has yet to really take a stand on many issues and the news media is so busy fawning over him, that they haven't taken the time to ask him. With all the coverage in the alternative media being given to the racist rantings and ravings of Obama's "spiritual advisor", perhaps the days of the mainstream media giving Obama a pass could finally come to an end? I'm not optimistic.

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

How hypocritical is it to ignore this influence on Obama, but acceptable to challenge Romney's Mormon faith?

It just depends on which side of the fence your stand: R or D

Darren said...

No one's challenging his *faith*, they're challenging his racist statements. The first should be off limits, the latter *definitely* is not.

Don, American said...

Anyone who heard the clips of the "Reverend" Wright's hate-filled speeches on Rush Limbaugh today, and still votes for Obama, will be voting to set back race relations in this country hundreds of years. Obama has a lot of 'splainin' to do, and even more repudiating. But I don't know if he can talk away twenty years of the racism he has been absorbing.

Charity said...

That was just the most warped, twisted version of the gospel I have heard since I saw an interview with Fred Phelps on TV.

Are pastors allowed to give political speeches from the pulpit? Where are the calls to yank the church's tax exempt status like you hear from the left regarding evangelical pastors?

I cannot stand the hypocrisy here, with this entire campaign.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Darren, they should be challenging his faith. That is no brand of Christianity that I'm familiar with. It's no stretch to assume that the people in this "Church" share the Preacher er Pharisee's views, or else they would have found a new house of worship. This is one more reason why Obama is not fit to be POTUS