Tuesday, September 18, 2007

John Murtha is pond scum

Corrupt congressional representative John Murtha (Democrat - what else? - of Pennsylvania) made quite a name for himself last year when he put himself out there by referring to the accused Marines of the Haditha "massacre" as having killed Iraqi civilians "in cold blood."

The incident in Haditha refers to an IED explosion and subsequent firefight on November 19, 2005 that led to one dead U.S. Marine and 24 dead Iraqis. Residents of Haditha - which was considered a hotbed of insurgent activity at the time - pointed their fingers at our Marines and accused them of killing innocent civilians, and of course, our anti-military, anti-American press lapped it up and splashed it on their headlines.

After military investigations and Article 32 hearing after Article 32 hearing, one by one, the accused Marines are having their charges dropped. This is because it becoming more and more apparent that these Marines were simply doing their job of reacting to IEDs and shots being fired at them from nearby houses. In the process of clearing these houses, women and children were indeed killed. Of course, that is going to be the natural result when the bad guys are using said women and children as human shields, so that when the Marines do come-a-knockin', the dead women and children can be used as valuable PR for the enemy. Too bad the enemy knows our gullible press and politicians only too well.

Meanwhile, we have a U.S. congressman on the record referring to these Marines as cold-blooded murderers, and Murtha is a former combat veteran Marine for pete's sake! Jason Mattera of the Young America's Foundation recently decided to take Congressman Murtha to task for his slander of our brave troops. He somehow got a chance to approach Murtha, cameraman in tow, in the Capitol Building. Watch the retreat of Congressman Murtha commence:

What I think is most amazing about this clip is how Murtha keeps mumbling that "the trial isn't over." Well, Congressman - if the trial isn't over, and we shouldn't yet assume their innocence, then why were you out there assuming their guilt by publicly accusing them of having killed innocent women and children "in cold blood"? What a pathetic excuse for a human being!

Good Day to You, Sir, and good for you Mr. Mattera!

UPDATE (9/18/2007, 2234hrs) - So you don't think it's me, YouTube is running really slow to paralyzing tonight. Stoopid YouTube....


Don (no longer) Fluffy said...

Thank you, Sir.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

If I were a Marine I'd slap Murtha if I ever ran across him, he's a disgrace to the uniform and everything it stands for. It's sad that people like you have to defend idiots like him.

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