Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More Lovefest!

My God you two! Get a room!

Hat tip to FrontPageMag for this second helping of bliss between Jesse Jackson and Momma Moonbat, Cindy Sheehan.

Good Day to You, Sir

Hillary's Stalking Horse

Grab your socks and hose and pull, because tonight, Hillary Rodham Clinton began her run for the presidency. Did she get up in front of a podium and announce it? Not exactly. Instead, a new series, Commander in Chief, made its debut tonight on ABC. The show centers around a female vice president played by Geena Davis who ascends to the presidency after the actual president dies of a stroke. This show was like a wet dream for leftists and Democrats, much like the West Wing has been. That's Hollywood for you - you don't like our current president? We'll just make up a show and pretend that Martin Sheen or Geena Davis is our president. So, NYAH! Hollywood is good at pretending after all. I took notes as I watched tonight's inaugural (get it?) episode, because I had a feeling that the PC and liberal make-believe would be laid on hot and heavy. I was not disappointed. Here are my rambling musings about what I saw tonight:
1. Once again, we have a political office holder who is an independent. I forget the name of the show, but a couple of years ago, there was a show about an accidental Senator starring Josh Brolin. His character was an independent too. Hollywood does this in an attempt to be seen as bipartisan. Problem is, their leftist politics keep getting in the way; imagine that. So Geena Davis' character is an Independent. I don't know, do you see an Independent being picked on a major party ticket with either a Democrat or a Republican anytime soon? I didn't think so.

2. Of course Geena's character (MacKenzie Allen, by the way) is asked by the dying President and the evil scheming Speaker of the House (played by Donald Sutherland) to resign. The President says it's because she is an Independent, but the Speaker cuts to the chase and tells her that the country wouldn't be taken seriously by the world with a female president. Here are my two cents: No, the world would not take us seriously with a woman as prez if she was a weak sniveling liberal like the majority of the women in our Congress for example. It's not whether or not its a woman, it's what kind of woman she is. I present to you Exhibit A: Margaret Thatcher. Now there was a woman you didn't want to mess with; just ask Argentina.

3. As MacKenzie agonizes over her decision to resign or take the presidential oath, she asks her young children what they think. She must have asked herself, "WWJCD?" (What would Jimmy Carter do?). You see, back in 1980, Jimmy Carter was made fun of mercilessly when he let it be known during a presidential campaign debate that he had asked his young daughter Amy about what important issue he should be focusing on. She picked Nuclear War. That's it, what do the ignorant unknowing naive children think? Let's ask 'em!

4. During a flashback sequence, MacKenzie is asked by the now-dead president to be his running mate. She expresses concern that the press will rake her over the coals because she lacks political experience. The president laughs and mentions what past experience has gotten us: "Watergate, Vietnam, Irangate, WMDgate." Putting aside the whole WMD thing, do you see anything missing from that list? How about, say, Missile Technology to China for Campaign Cashgate, Buddhist Temple Fundraisingate, Whitewatergate, Travel Officegate, and of course, Monicagate. Boy! Somehow missed those. All the writers mentioned were Republican scandals, and yes, the left blames Vietnam on Nixon. You don't believe me? Look it up.

5. When MacKenzie finally decides to take the oath rather than resign, she can't find a bible in her house. The evil Speaker, who is obviously one of those fire-breathing Christian fundamentalist wackos, says, "Here, you can use mine." See? He just happened to have a bible that he carries around with him all the time as he thinks up ways to oppress women, minorities, and gay people.

6. The First Lady's social secretary, a very prim, proper, and prissy lass, obviously did NOT approve of Hillary Rodham Clinton's assertive ways. Nobody likes strong women. That's why people don't like Hillary. It has nothing to do with her conniving ways, her morphing beliefs and personality depending on to whom she is speaking, her corruption, her dirty financial dealing, her policy as First Lady that the White House staff was not to look her in the eye (No, I'm not kidding!).

7. In a subplot, MacKenzie is trying to free a woman in Nigeria who is going to be stoned to death for committing adultery. Once she is prez, she ushers the Nigerian ambassador into a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff where he is told that Nigeria either give up the woman to the U.S. or a military raid will be executed and Nigerians will die. The ambassador mentions something about unilateral action, the woman is released to the military, and President Allen is a heroine for putting Nigeria in its place. Now, I don't believe anyone should be stoned to death for adultery. But I am glad to see that the show's liberal writers have finally shown us a unilateral action the U.S. can take without catching flak from the anti-war protestors:
3,000 dead Americans in NYC/DC/Penn? Don't you attack Afghanistan without your allies! Possible WMDs and 300,000 confirmed mass graves in Iraq? Don't you go into Iraq without your allies! One woman in Nigeria is going to be stoned to death for adultery? What are you waiting for? Forget the allies! There's no time for that! Get her out now, NOW!

-Bottom line: I am making the prediction right here and now that Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for President in 2008. I am hoping with all my might that my prediction turns out to be wrong, because that woman scares me to death. All these anti-war protestors that were out in the street this past weekend talking about how George W. Bush's "regime" is fascistic? Put Hillary in the White House, and you will see a true manifestation of American fascism.

Good Day to You, Sir

Can't You Just Feel the Love?

Ah yes! Those peace-loving leftists at their anti-American... I mean, "anti-war" rally in Washington D.C. this weekend. Hat tip to Powerline Blog for the Jesse/Cindy love-in photo and hat tip to Little Green Footballs for the Bushishitler photo. In the name of full disclosure, the Bushishitler photo was taken at a rally in Los Angeles that happened the same day as the big D.C. rally, but I'm sure you could have seen something just as despicable in D.C. I'm the first to admit that I am no big fan of George W. Bush. He is our biggest spending president since FDR and LBJ, he is doing nothing to protect our borders from invasion from our illegal neigbors from Mexico/Central America, and he is fighting the war in Iraq like a little wussy-boy instead of going in there like a man and kicking ass and taking names. But to compare him to Adolph Hitler? I notice I never see any Bushisstalin posters. The commie sympathizers in the anti-war movement can't seem to bring themselves to do that can they, even though Stalin killed a lot more people than Hitler ever dreamed of. If you want to see the true face of the left, check out these photos of the anti-war rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 24, 2005. It will make you sick. These people preach peace and tolerance, but you will not find a more hateful and intolerant group of people anywhere; at least in this country.

Good Day to You, Sir

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mother Sheehan Jumps the Shark

Have you ever heard of the term "jumped the shark"? It was coined to describe that moment or that episode that marks the beginning of the downhill slide of a t.v. show. The term takes its name from the episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumps his motorcycle over a tank of sharks. For fans of Happy Days, that episode marked the beginning of the end of the long-running series. There is even a website devoted to this school of thought. I bring this up because I just read a statement from Cindy Sheehan, the hapless gold star mother turned loony-leftist political activist that indicates she herself has jumped the shark in regards to the sitcom that was her political activism about which the mainstream media obsessed all summer.

In a statement on the blog of Michael Moore's website, Mother Sheehan said, among other wild and wacky things:

"George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self (sic) from power." (My emphasis).

"Occupied" New Orleans? Setting aside her horrible grammar ("...excuse his self from power"), this woman's motherboard has more short circuits than originally thought. So now our troops are considered occupiers like the Nazis have just marched into Poland? Cindy Sheehan's son served in our armed forces, volunteered for duty in Iraq not once but twice, volunteered to go on the mission in which he died; he fought and died for this country, and his mother throws verbal vomit all over his honor and courage by referring to the military in New Orleans as "occupiers", like they are some evil force out to do harm on the citizens of the Big Easy. I have a feeling that as the weeks go by, you are going to see the mainstream media quietly wipe their hands of Mother Sheehan and will whistle and look up and away if they are asked about their previous coverage of her. She is a total embarrasment to everyone but the true-believing Kool Aid drinkers.

One more thing - I know this is so ad hominem and shallow and petty, but have you heard Cindy Sheehan speak? Here are some words for you: mousy, singsong, little girlish (remember, she is 48 years old), and on top of that, she ends every sentence she utters in the inflection of a question. You know what I'm talking about? I hate it when people do that? When they say everything like they are asking a question? So I went to the store today? And I bought milk and bread? Then I went home? You get the idea?

Go away Mother Sheehan. Go back to your empty home in Vacaville where your husband divorced you and your son died honorably protecting you. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Cindy Sheehan has referred to the terrorists who killed her son as "freedom fighters"?
Check it out here.

Good Day to You, Sir.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

More of God's Country

I don't even need to keep this location a secret, as anyone with a scintilla of knowledge of Northern California would know that this is the majestic Mount Shasta, elevation 14,162 above sea level. I attended a small junior college located practically on the slopes of this mountain, and my three years there (yes, three years; I had a little too much fun in Junior College), I had some of the best times of my life. The Mount Shasta area is truly part of God's country and easily makes my top five list of most beautiful places on this earth.

By the way, the smaller mountain on the left side of the photo is Black Butte, a cinder cone formed by Mount Shasta thousands of years ago. Black Butte is about 7,000 feet above sea level and has a trail that goes to the summit. In July of 2000, my mother and I climbed to the summit of Black Butte and took some of the most amazing pictures of Mount Shasta. If only I had owned a digital camera at the time, I could easily post them to the blog. Oh well.

Good Day to You, Sir

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not Yours to Give

A while back, I began explaining my political philosophy, but I never got to finish because a little hussy named Katrina got me distracted for a bit. Tonight however, Katrina gave me the perfect opportunity to continue my discussion when our so-called conservative Republican president got up in front of the t.v. cameras and pledged $200 billion of taxpayer money to rebuild New Orleans, et. al. If you remember, I explained that we cannot delegate to government any power that we don't have the right to do ourselves, even if it is for a benevolent purpose. Once upon a time, someone else made the same assertion. That someone else was none other than David Crockett - yes, he of the coonskin cap, killed him a bar when he was only three, died at the Alamo, and was a congressman from Tennessee. This is a long article, but well worth it if you want to really know how our government was originally supposed to operate. This is a reprint of a passage from Crockett's biography, which was published in 1884. It is one of the best treatises on the proper role of government that I have ever read. Enjoy this wonderful read, and also remember what James Madison had to say: "I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents."

Good Day to You, Sir

Sore Winners = Palestinians

I have not yet delved into the ongoing conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis, but now I have finally snapped. I have watched the whole Israel vs. Palestine thing go on since I was a little kid. It was just a couple of months after I was born that the Black September terrorists killed the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, I remember as a little kid watching Carther, Begin, and Arafat on TV all shaking hands, and then watching Clinton, Rabin, and Arafat shaking hands 15 years later. The whole time, I have watched the Israelis bend over backward for the Palestinians, yet defending themselves when necessary. The Palestinians openly call for the death of Israel and the death of the Jews, and yet the Israelis treat the Muslim Palestinians better than any Muslim country has.

With all this, the goons on the left constantly talk about the evil Israelis and the poor, oppressed Palestinians, and I am left saying, "Huh?". If anyone doesn't know much about the whole holy mess in the middle east, here is a sobering article about the behavior of the Palestinians as they took over the Gaza Strip after the Israelis handed it over to the Palestinians over the last several weeks. Here the Palestinians finally have some of the land they have been demanding - land that was turned by the Jews from a dry useless strip, into a beachside paradise with neighborhoods, resorts, and greenhouses to grow food. All of this was left intact and handed over to the Palestinians, and what do they do? They act like it's New Orleans after Katrina and they burn, loot, and destroy. Talk about crapping in your own nest; the Jews were gone, there was nobody in these buildings, they now belonged to the Palestinians, and yet the Palestinians still couldn't help from destroying and stealing, especially from the Synagogues that were left behind. Gosh, I wonder what the Muslims of the world would do if the Jews moved into an abandoned area and began defiling empty Mosques. They would be calling for death to everyone, and yet the Jews swallow their pride and try to move on. Maybe I am a little biased; I still remember the TV footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets with unrestrained joy after the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked on September 11, 2001. Here is an article with pictures that gives more detail about the Gaza Strip handover than can I.

Good Day to You, Sir.

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Ultimate Color Photography

Hat tip to my fellow blogger, Instructivist. I was perusing his archives and came across a link he provided to a series of color photographs taken in Czarist Russia between the years 1907-1915 (!!!). This isn't some cheapo colorizing process like Ted Turner did to all those old movies. The photographer used a special camera of his own design that provided a crude mechanism for producing color photography. I have a book of color photography taken during World War II that I cherish. Color photos from 1911 is just too wild to comprehend! Be sure to click on the photographs; they enlarge. And also don't forget to click on the links at the top of the page next to the title called Exhibition Sections. They will take you to more of these incredible photographs.

Good Day to You, Sir!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Fitting Tribute to Flight 93

I just finished watching The Flight that Fought Back, a docudrama about the saga that took place aboard Flight 93, which was crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. Interviews with family members of the passengers were intermixed with painstakingly researched reenactments of what most likely took place on the airplane. It is one thing to hear about and read about the heroic actions taken by the passengers against their Islamic terrorist tormentors. It is quite another to get a visual idea by watching the reenactment of the passengers using the aisle drink cart as a battering ram in their effort to gain control of the cockpit. I had the same feeling after watching the movie Titanic. Many times had I read accounts of over a thousand people floating in the water after the ship went down, but the enormity of it never quite clicked with me until it was shown so graphically on screen as the camera panned away from Rose and more and more people began to fill up the screen around her. As a history teacher, I can attest that as long as it is done correctly, visual depictions can be a very powerful aid in helping people to gain a full measure of understanding about an event.

The heroes of Flight 93 deserved this account of their last moments on this earth, and as I mentioned in the previous post, they deserve a much better memorial at their crash site than the one that has been approved; you know, the red Muslim crescent shaped memorial that will honor the killers more than it will the hard-fighting victims? Here is a link to a site that has been set up to spread the word of this travesty, and it spreads the word with a sobering little bit of animation. Check it out.

Good Day to You, Sir

Friday, September 09, 2005

You Can Take Your Memorial and Stick it Up Your....

In Other-Than-Katrina news, I just read something on Little Green Footballs that is just too unbelievable. I really hope LGF and I haven't fallen for some hoax from the Onion or something. The picture you see there is a model of the design for the memorial that has been chosen for the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where Flight 93 went down on September 11, 2001. If you haven't already noticed, the memorial is in the shape of the Muslim crescent with star. Coincidence? No. Apparently, the name of the memorial is "Crescent of Embrace". The nitwit designer apparently thought it would be a good idea to let bygones be bygones and somehow bring the passengers of Flight 93 and their killers closer together in death... or something disturbed and multicultural like that. A commenter to the LGF blog made a good point: Having a crescent and star at the Flight 93 site is like having a memorial in the shape of a swastika at a Holocaust site.
I can't wait to see how long this memorial lasts before public pressure forces these morons who approved it to drop it like a hot potato. Then again, I hope it really is a hoax.

Good Day to You, Sir


Unfortunately, this is not a hoax. Here is a link to the story on the website for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Sick, Sick, Sick!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More of God's Country

After all this talk of death and destruction, I thought a more jovial post was in order. I said earlier that I have a top five list of most beautiful locations on earth. You have seen two of them already; here is a third. It shall remain nameless as the others have. The two people in the picture are my wife and me. How perfect that our images shall remain faceless as we gaze at our nameless location. I will tell you though, this place is truly heaven on earth. Don't forget to click on the pic for an extreme closeup.

Good Day to You, Sir.

Katrina as a Morality Play

An observation that several pundits have made involves the way people in the disaster zone reacted to this hurricane's aftermath. Over and over, I have heard this statement in interviews:
"Disasters like this bring out the best in some people, and the worst in others." Judging by what we have seen in New Orleans, I'm sorry to say the worst has carried the day. We have all heard of the rapes in the Superdome and Convention Center, the stabbings, shootings, looting, preying upon tourists and families. Once upon a time, it didn't used to be nearly this bad. Yes, looting happened, but never on such a grand and almost unlimited scale. For goodness sake, after the Galveston Hurricane, two men were killed simply because they were taking photos of the nude bodies of dead female victims. Nowadays, they wouldn't be looked upon kindly, but would they be killed? Unfortunately, no. Here are the thoughts of two writers on this subject of behavior in a disaster: then and now. An editorial called "What New Orleans Shows", from Joseph Farah, creator and publisher of WorldNetDaily, and an article entitled "A Tale of Two Hurricanes" from author Rocco DiPippo at the wonderful website FrontpageMag.com

Good Day to You, Sir

Katrina is Everyone's Fault... Except Mine

So, I'm sure that we have all had our fill of the bloviating left wing when it comes to finding someone to blame (preferably conservative and Republican) for this whole Katrina mess. I am just writing off the cuff here; I have heard and read about so many conspiracy theories about Republican machinations and supposed incompetence in Katrina's aftermath, that I don't even have the strength to look them up again. Instead, I will just address some of them from memory:

1. According to the lefties, President Bush is to blame for Katrina's unusually powerful wrath because his refusal to sign the 1997 Kyoto Protocol caused global warming to worsen, the world's waters to warm up, and what do hurricanes thrive on? Warm water. First of all, may I remind my reader(s) that the U.S. Senate voted against the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol by a vote of 98-0. That means even all the Democrats voted against it. This is because the Senate realized that not only would the treaty kill our economy by forcing us to dismantle our industry, but also China and India would have been exempt from any environmental restrictions that the U.S. and Europe would have to abide by. China and India just happen to be two of the world's worst polluters. Second of all, can a person honestly believe that George W. Bush is such an omnipotent deity that he can control the weather? These lefties give W more credit than I thought possible. Luminaries such as Robert F. Kennedy's son and Mother Sheehan herself have made the claim that the hurricane's existence is the fault of George W. Bush. I would like to ask them who to blame for the great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 that killed between 6,000 and 10,000 people. I don't think GWB was alive yet, and global warming wasn't exactly a concern. Do these peoples' memories begin and end with the Bush presidency?

2. The federal government did a horrible job reacting to the hurricane's aftermath. OK, first off, bailing out the states with federal tax money is unconstitutional in the first place. Show me in the Constitution where Congress is authorized to spend money on a natural disaster in one of the sovereign states. I know it sounds like the compassionate thing to do, but it is so easy to be compassionate when you are spending other peoples' money; especially the money of people who don't live anywhere near Louisiana or Mississippi. My wife and I have contributed to the relief fund, not because we have to, but because we want to. However, I do object to the Congress passing a $50 BILLION relief bill the other day. Thank you Congress for your benevolence... with MY money!
Next, the reason the federal government took awhile to get going was because they can't just waltz into a state, even if it is for benevolent purposes. The feds have to wait for the governor of the state to invite them in. Unfortunately for Louisiana, their Governor Blanco took her damn sweet time asking for federal assistance. You don't want the federal government waltzing its troops into states uninvited, even if it is for a good purpose, because then someday, the feds will get the idea that it is OK to send them in there for sinister purposes. There is this little law called the Posse Comitatus act that prevents federal troops from being used in dealings with state citizens, whether to save them, or to hurt them, without cooperation from the state involved.

3. The military took too long to get to the flood zone. Hmm, I was in the military for 12 years; with 4 of those years on active duty in the Army, and my final 8 years in the Army National Guard. I have been deployed before when I was in Europe on active duty. That process took a couple of weeks. In the Guard, I was never deployed, but I processed soldiers who were being deployed for fires and such, and I can tell you, the process does not happen overnight. From Sacramento, our soldiers were given a 24 hour notice to show up to the unit; that's one day delay already. Then, once the soldiers all showed up, they were usually sent down to Camp Roberts on California's central coast for what is called an SRP (Soldier Readiness Processing). During the SRP, soldiers are issued any special equipment they need, they update their wills and financial paperwork, and undergo a pre-deployment physical. Once that is done, the journey to the trouble zone begins. All this can take several days. About the only units that can truly arrive at a moment's notice are first alert type units like the 82nd Airborne Division, who always have part of their Division on ready status, and can send them across the world to a hot spot in about 12-18 hours. That actually happened in August, 1990 after Saddam invaded Kuwait. The 82nd was immediately sent to Saudi Arabia to begin Operation Desert Shield. But remember, that is an active duty, high speed, federal unit composed of some motivated and tough hombres. Most of your Guard units are largely composed of a bunch of overweight househusbands, prison guards, and college students - remember folks, I can diss on them because I used to be one of them. They take a little while to get their wheels rolling.

4. Here is a good one: There is this charming little website called DemocraticUnderground.com. It is a posting board for the true believers, the Kool-Aid drinkers, the psychotic, sociopathic left wingers who would gladly throw me in a concentration camp if they had the power to do so. This is the kind of site where they joke about how great it would be if very bad things (like untimely death) happened to President Bush and the people who support him, and what not. The other day, there was a discussion thread in which they were theorizing that President Bush had the seawalls around New Orleans purposely demolished with explosives so that the (largely Democrat) city would flood, and he could swoop in and be the hero. Their proof? Well, New Orleans made it through the hurricane with little damage, and the *poof* - the next day the seawalls "inexplicably" gave way. It had to be Bush's doing. Just as an aside, there was another thread recently where a guy wrote that he was driving down the road and saw a woman and her child stuck on the side of the road with the car's hood up. The guy said he was about to pull over to help, but then he noticed that the woman's car had a "W" sticker on the bumper. So the guy kept driving. He couldn't bring himself to help out a Bush supporter. Oh, he did say that later on, he felt bad about the kid. Great.

5. The government took its time helping New Orleans because its full of bunch of black people. Uh, there was this whole other state called Mississippi that actually took the brunt of the hurricane. The coastal counties that were most ravaged by Katrina are majority WHITE counties. They are suffering just as much as New Orleans, yet it is the plight of the people of New Orleans that is leading all the headlines. Perhaps the rescuers were having problems getting into New Orleans to help the victims because roving gangs of armed thugs kept SHOOTING at the rescuers. Hmm, that might hold things up a bit. Also, you can't forget the infamous incompetence and corruption of the city of New Orleans, and the state of Louisiana for that matter. People used to think that New Orleans' corruption was almost cute and added to the charm of the Big Easy. Do you think it is cute anymore? Here is a question: Why are there over 200 school buses sitting in a flooded city parking lot? Why weren't they used to evacuate these poor masses who were "trapped" in New Orleans? The city disaster plan called for the buses being used, but they weren't. That is where the incompetence part comes in, and that is what happens when you elect a mayor more because he looks like you instead of whether or not he is the right man for the job.

I could keep going with this, but my fingers are beginning to seize up. I will have more to say about this hurricane and the way it has exposed some of the festering sores that pock our country.

Good Day to You, Sir.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Spammers Are Here, The Spammers Are Here!

When I started this blog back in July, I never realized that those human pond scum known as spammers had the ability to infiltrate the blogosphere, but they have figured out a way by leaving advertisements in the form of comments to a blog post. I repeat: Human Pond Scum!

I got my first spam last night in one of my recent posts, and I noticed some new ones this morning. Over at the Mimmenblog run by my buddy George Mimmen, I see they have infiltrated on his site too. I know that my protest here will do no good whatsoever, but I had to vent, and isn't that one of the reasons for this blog in the first place? I just cannot believe the shameless gall that some people have that they would think nothing of polluting my humble blog with their crap. Of course, after watching the looting and wanton violence in New Orleans over the past few days, I see that shameless gall is in ample supply in our country. What a pity.

Good Day to You, Sir

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Good News, Katrina is the Work of Allah, Not Bush

This just in:
According to a Kuwaiti official, Hurricane Katrina was doing the work of Allah in punishing America for its sins. It turns out this whole thing may not be President Bush's fault after all. I know that this medium of communication doesn't reflect emotion, so may I point out the sarcasm that is dripping from my fingertips?

By the way Kuwait, you are so welcome for the United States rescuing you from the clutches of Saddam Hussein back in 1990-91. I see you are so grateful for our sacrifice.

Sigh... Good Day to You, Allah.