Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When your moral compass spins

Definition of Beyond the Pale: Dressing up on Halloween as a murder victim from the Virginia Tech massacre where 32 students and teachers were killed earlier this year.

Take a look at the moron on the right in the picture. Yes, those are simulated gunshot wounds and a Virginia Tech t-shirt he is wearing. I barely know what to say. What might bug me most of all is that gleeful shit-eating grin on his face. I guess his mommy and daddy never told him that doing things like what he is doing there are socially unacceptable. The problem is that in the self-centered, conscience-less generation of which he is a part, what he is doing is socially acceptable.

Aaron Hanscom of Pajamas Media has some interesting things to say about how young people are beginning treat murder as a "victimless crime". Check it out.

Good Day to You, Sir


rightwingprof said...

My personal theory about this, since I live just outside State College, is that this tasteless stunt was more a reaction to Penn State than the Va Tech murders. Right after the murders, you see, the university and a lot of campus organizations began raising money, there was the acknoledgment at the football game, I've never seen anything quite like it. I suspect these two idiots were reacting to that more than they were the murders, but I could be wrong. Either way, they're morons.

caster said...

As a resident of Blacksburg and wife of a VT administrator, I can tell you that we Hokies are still deeply grieving over what happened here. As one of my husband's coworkers said, "Am I surprised that a 19 year old would do something tasteless like this? No. Am I pissed off about it? Hell, yeah." However, we saw such an outpouring of love and sympathy from the nation and the world after April 16 that these two attention whores don't merit a second look. I can just walk into my living room and look at the peace lilly planter sent in April by the University of Wisconsin to my husband's office and know that there are many good, decent people who just don't get as much air time as the idiots.

Darren said...

I chalk this up to the same category of people who dress up in blackface or whatever else is non-pc these days--tacky and tasteless at a minimum, but I certainly don't want any "official" repercussions. Social opprobrium is all that's needed.