Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Riots in Poland over "Christmas toilet paper"

Christian protesters brandishing machetes and assault rifles marched through the streets of Lublin, Poland yesterday, chanting, "Kill the blasphemers!" and carrying signs saying, "Behead those who insult Christianity".

The protesters were angry about a local pharmacy selling rolls of toilet paper that say "Merry Christmas" on the sheets. Once the protesters reached the pharmacy, the building was burned to the ground and the proprietors were dragged out and shot.

Well, OK, I embellished the story a little bit. The toilet paper part is true, but all the Christian protesters have done is sign a petition asking that the toilet paper not be sold.

I imagine you see where I'm going with all this. Picture what would happen if toilet paper was printed with "Happy Ramadan" or something like that. Actually, I have a picture right here that would be a good example:

This sign was carried in London in response to the Danish political cartoons that dared to show images of Muhammad.

Good Day to You, Sir

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Don (no longer) Fluffy said...

Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom and take a Muhammad. I'll be cleaning up with Christmas toilet paper. Is there anybody else I can offend? (Correction: To say something that will allow someone to be offended.)