Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Falwell dies, the left celebrates with creepy glee

I checked the news during my lunch hour and discovered that Jerry Falwell had died. During my commute home later that afternoon, the first place I went on my radio dial was not one of my right-wing talk hosts to whom I mostly listen. No, I went to one of the "progressive" talk radio stations in Sacramento to hear the inevitable celebrations that were probably going on. I was not disappointed. I tuned in to local left-wing gasbag Christine Craft on KSAC, 1240 AM, who was giddy to the point of breathlessness. As she talked a mile a minute about the joys of a dead Falwell, I was struck by just how hypocritical this nasally witch was being. First of all, she kept reminding herself and the listening audience over and over that Falwell was indeed dead. She kept repeating it just because she liked the sound of it. She was recounting some of the more outrageous things Falwell said in his long career, and she kept yelling, "Wake up Mr. Falwell!... Oh that's right, you can't... YOU'RE DEAD!" It was simply goulish.

Now to the hypocritical part. Mizz Craft kept referring to Falwell as a "tub of goo" because he was overweight. Now wait a minute here; I thought that in the compassionate and tolerant world of leftism, it's not OK to make fun of fat people. Isn't some sort of -ism being committed here by making fun of fat people? But there was the so-called compassionate and tolerant leftist-in-good-standing Christine Craft making fun of a fat person for being fat, and dancing on his grave in the process. So I guess in the topsy-turvy world of the Left, it's OK to make fun of fat people as long as they are not leftists. Consistency has never been the Left's strong point.

I freely admit that Falwell uttered some tongue-cluck-inducing quotes in his time, such as blaming 9-11 on our deteriorating morality in this country - sorry, Muslims would have still attacked us even if we acted like a bunch of saints; the majority of us are still not Muslim - but as far as Falwell's general political philosophy went, I tended to agree with him far more than disagree.

Off the top of my head, I would be hard-pressed to think of a public figure who would have me worked up in a celebratory tizzy like I witnessed Christine Craft exhibiting today. The more I listened, the more uncomfortable I became. At the risk of repeating myself, it was positively goulish. Christine Craft should be ashamed of herself.

Good Day to You, Sir


Jeff M. said...

I'm a godless liberal, and I can't stand Craft. Like you, I sometimes like to listen to the "other side" on my commute home: Hugh Hewitt mostly. Once in a great while, I'll tune in Savage, but I can't stand more than a few minutes of him. His rambling is relentless. He's like a beat-poet fascist or something. Anyway, I'll give you conservatives the props: you rule talk radio.

Chanman said...

Wow! That was a quick response. Thanks for your input. I turn off Savage when he goes on one of his stream-of-consciousness rants about living in NYC as a kid.

Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the devil welcomed home his servant, Jerry

Chanman said...

Hey, at least you didn't make fun of his weight problem.

Charity said...

Creepy, indeed.

I was not a huge fan of the man because I think he hurt public opinion of Christians, but the way the lefty bloggers that I read are giddy with excitement over this like a kid at Christmas is disturbing to say the least.

What's to be happy about anyway? It's not like the religious conservative movement is dead, too.

Hahn at Home said...

Though I did blog this topic from a liberal perspective, I did not wish him ill or revel in his death. By all reports, he was greatly loved by family and friends and was a decent enough guy...not evil...and he actually believed what he said. I always felt it was so sad that others believed it to, just because he said it was so. He created divisiveness in the name of a Christian religion in a nation that is non-secular in both its inception and development.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a "teacher""" and he can't spell "ghoulish"...now that is "ghoulish!

Christine Craft

Chanman said...

That is your retort? That I misspelled "ghoulish"? Wow! What a fiery intellect you have; you really put me in my place.

If this really is you, Christine, then you actually are as shallow and petty as you come across on the radio.

The woman is a radio talk show host in a top-20 market, and she doesn't even know how to debate. Now THAT is ghoulish.