Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blogging break

My wit and wisdom will be unavailable for the next few days. The time is currently 8:52pm as my fingertips strike the keyboard. At 3:30am, I have to get up in order to catch a 6am flight from Sacramento to San Antonio. Waiting for me in the Lone Star State are my wife and children, who departed for there on Tuesday morning. We are all converging on the home of the Alamo for my wife's family reunion on her father's side. We try to get together about every other year.

This couldn't have come at a better time; my school is knee-deep in state testing right now, so I will (sob, sob) have to miss two days of it. We are all going to a dude ranch about 30 minutes outside San Antonio. From what I hear, it is a great place. I will give my impressions upon my return. Until then,

Happy traaaaaails to yoooooou, untiiiil we meeeeet agaaaaain.

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Polski3 said...

Watch out for that "Rose of San Antone...." Your administration let you go during testing???? Ours tells us to be there, even if sick, because they don't want "untrained" subs dealing with these mandated tests.

Hope you enjoyed your family event!