Monday, May 21, 2007

Christine is in the house?

In the Sunday Sacramento Bee (5/20/07), my post about Christine Craft's rejoicing over the death of Jerry Falwell was featured in the blog feature within the Forum section. Today, I got a comment in that post from an anonymous commenter who signed at the bottom with the name of Christine Craft. Was it her? Probably, but who knows for sure?

Whatever the case, the commenter's response was a devastating attack on my points made about Craft's abuse of the dead Falwell; I mean she really shot me down hardcore. Her compelling retort was,

This guy is a "teacher""" and he can't spell "ghoulish" that is "ghoulish!

Christine Craft

I don't know what I was thinking, I don't know how it happened, but the damage has been done. Obviously, my entire point about Falwell and Craft is now negated because I misspelled "ghoulish".

My response was the following:

That is your retort? That I misspelled "ghoulish"? Wow! What a fiery intellect you have; you really put me in my place.

If this really is you, Christine, then you actually are as shallow and petty as you come across on the radio.

The woman is a radio talk show host in a top-20 market, and she doesn't even know how to debate. Now THAT is ghoulish.

So I guess Mizz Craft was unable to answer any of my actual arguments, so she decided to attack my sole misspelled word in the post. Good comeback, Christine! And you wonder why left-wing programming like Air America is crashing and burning.

By the way, Christine, I just noticed that you wrote, "This guy is a "teacher"""" Isn't that two too many quote marks? And you missed using a quote mark the second time you used the word "ghoulish". See? I can argue like you, too. Isn't that impressive?

Good Day to You, Sir


Law and Order Teacher said...

My misspelled word story is tragic. When I was in college I wrote a 22 page paper in a U.S. History class. In the paper I misspelled the word "argument" as "arguement." I did it a number of times. I got the paper back and the professor wrote, "This is a very good paper. Your points are well-documented and prove your case. However, your misspellings detracted from the scholarly discussion of your topic. Therefore, you are given a "B" rather than an "A." I misspelled exactly one word in the paper numerous times. I should mention that the professor and I locked horns numerous times over his strong dislike of President Reagan. Don't you just love enlightened liberals?

Chanman said...

The funny thing is that I realized today why I misspelled "ghoul". My 8th grade U.S. History class watched the Civil War movie "Glory" recently, and numerous times on assignment questions and such, I wrote the name of the main character, Robert GOULD Shaw.


Darren said...

Don't mud-wrestle a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig loves it.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Excellent point, Darren! Amen.

Christine said...

hey sure to listen to KGO 810 am out of San Francisco on saturday ...dec. 8 at 4pm...I have a special version of your description of me..Christine Craft

Chanman said...

Oh, darn! Sorry I missed it.

Boy, I never realized calling you a left-wing gasbag would so get under your skin. You just can't let it go, huh?