Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Links

I have added a couple of new links on my Link Menu to your right.

Polski3's View from Here is written by a teacher somewhere in Southern California. He has some great observations about life in the classroom.

RightOnTheLeftCoast is also a teacher - an unapologetically conservative teacher - who works somewhere in the Sacramento area. Check him out as well.

Expose the Left has great links to video footage of talk shows and appearances of people on talking head shows. An example would be this morning's showdown between David Gregory and Laura Ingraham on the Today Show. If sparks fly on the news channels, you will probably find the footage on Expose the Left.

Finally, the Media Research Center is a great resource for seeing clear cut examples of gross bias of the majority of our mainstream media. The best part about them is their annual "Notable Quotables", where they compile the most outrageous statements of the year that are made by members of the press.

I have also provided a link to Cox & Forkum, my favorite political cartoonists. They really hit 'em where it hurts.


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