Monday, July 02, 2012

"I felt like I was in the 1950s"

So said my wife in her positive description to me of her enjoyment of the Folsom Rodeo, which we attended tonight with our children and my wife's sister's family.

We sat in the stands and enjoyed the experience of being surrounded by several thousand happy, enthusiastic, polite, patriotic spectators.  These thousands of spectators were treated to a night of witty banter between the announcer and the head clown; a mass Army enlistment ceremony on the floor of the arena; a parachutist landing on the floor of the arena with a giant U.S. flag hanging from his leg, and then the flag being held by a large group of volunteers while a family sang the National Anthem in a three part harmony.  Notice all this excitement, and I haven't even mentioned any of the actual rodeo events yet!

Then there was the calf lassoing, steer wrestling, bronco busting, 5-6 year old mutton bustin', barrel racing, and - my favorite - bull riding.

My wife and I just sat in amazement at thousands of people having a good time in a safe environment that made for a wonderful time for our 6 year-old daughter and 8 year-old son. 

I wish that this experience tonight was the rule for how our country could be, rather than the exception.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be."  -Thomas Jefferson


Mrs. Bluebird said...

Loved your post...btw, if you ever want a Civil War battlefield tour of Fort Donelson, the Atlanta Campaign (you'll need four days minimum) or the Kentucky Campaign, let me know...Hubby does Civil War battlefield tours for individuals, groups, and even the military. We were lucky when we did Malvern Hill...absolutely amazing. And the story of Private Jemison is so, so tragic.

Anonymous said...

Our family had that wonderful type of experience while visiting Alabama last much patriotism, goodwill and safe fun. As a fellow Californian and a school teacher, I think we've acclimated to much of our state's sadly lacking family friendly environment. It's only when I have these glimpses of sanity in another place, that I realize there are still good people in America! Now, to just get out of this state of Cali-fornication!

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard from you lately. By the time you get another blog up, you WILL be in your '50"s!

Anonymous said...

It must be nice to be in a time when blacks, women and gay people were all routinely persecuted.

W.R. Chandler said...

Funny: I saw plenty of women and blacks, but I didn't see any of them being persecuted. As for homosexuals, if there were any there, I wouldn't know it.

You're a moron.

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