Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Imprisoned convict gives Obama a run for his money in West Virginia primary; Democrats eat their own in response

This is just downright hilarious:  West Virginia held its presidential primary yesterday, and even though it is a given that Obama will be the Democrat nominee, the Dems still have to hold their primary, which in West Virginia is a closed primary - meaning only registered Democrats can vote in West Virginia's Democrat primary.

Obama predictably won this primary, but only with a vote of 54%.  And who got second place, with a very respectable 42%?  A convict named Keith Judd, who currently resides in a federal prison in Texas.  Wow!

As if that's not hilarious enough, the day-after fallout is just as amusing.  I checked that bastion of loony leftism, the Daily Kos, and they are blaming raaaaaacism on this primary vote result.  An example:
Being serious for just a moment, how should the Obama campaign take this? A bunch of toothless hayseeds prefer a white guy, literally ANY white guy, to be their nominee over the black guy? I'm positive that's part of it.
Or how about this from a commenter on the Huffington Post:
This 'candidate' is an example of how the Republican opposition to Obama has become plain laughable. The clowns who hate President Obama would rather vote for a violent prison inmate than a mild-mannered, thoughtful Harvard Graduate. It says a lot more about the voters of West Virginia than it does about the President.
No, it says a lot more about the DEMOCRAT voters of West Virginia.  These statist brainiacs are so angry about this result that their emotions have gutted their logic. This was not a general election in West Virginia - this was a DEMOCRAT primary in a "closed" state where only registered Democrats can vote in the Democrat primary. Sorry Democrats, but you own this one. Of course, why is anyone surprised? The Democrat Party has always been a bastion of racism. Don't forget that West Virginia is the same state that sent Ku Klux Klan bigwig (and Democrat) Robert Byrd to the U.S. Senate from 1958 until he died in office in 2010.

So while they are blaming racism on this primary election result, one possibility that the Obamabots seem to be ignoring is that Obama hates coal and has famously promised to put the coal industry out of business and make energy prices "necessarily skyrocket" as a result.  And oh, golly gee - what is a major industry in West Virginia?  Coal mining!!!

If you aren't so busy shuffling through your deck of race cards, this stuff isn't very difficult to figure out.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be."  -Thomas Jefferson


GAHCindy said...

I'm sure those primary voters are just like my mom. She doesn't research much, and often just picks whoever isn't the guy she dislikes. Which just goes to show why our country is so screwed up. (Thanks, Mom!). Still, very, very funny. What this guy is in jail for is NOTHING compared to what Obama should be jailed for, but never will be!

Anonymous said...

This is easy to figure out. It's coal,coal,and more coal. As the grandson of West Virginia coal miners, I can assure you that the state Democrats were sending the Dear Leader and his EPA allies a message. Race had nothing to do with it, but family income and jobs had a lot to do with it.

It would be fun to see if the counties and precincts that Obama lost contained significant coal mines. I bet they did.

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