Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fox News refuses to fire a racist commentator

Several days ago, Fox News's Megyn Kelly brought on the Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson and Fox News "contributor" Jehmu Greene talk about Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her (Indian) gaming of the racial spoils system.

Jehmu (yes, that's Jehmu) lost her cool during the exchange and let her inner racist come boiling to the surface by calling Tucker (yes, that's Tucker) a "bow tyin' white boy."

Tucker happened to not be wearing a bow tie that day, but he has been famous for wearing them in the past.

Incredibly, after Tucker rather weakly addressed Jehmu's comment by telling her that calling him names wasn't going to help her argument, Jehmu had the gall to utter, "I didn't call you a name," complete with accompanying arrogant smirk and batting of eyes.  Roll the tape, and if you don't care to watch the entire exchange, the relevant portion of video runs from 1:10 through 1:40:

For Jehmu to actually insist that she didn't call Tucker Carlson a name (again, a "bow tyin' white boy") tells me one of three things:

1. She was lying and hoped that no one noticed what she said, or simply didn't care.

2. She doesn't consider a comment like that to rise to the level of name calling.

3. She says stuff like that behind closed doors so often that she didn't even realize she said it.

In regards to that third possibility, I see this phenomenon all the time in my classroom and on my campus. A student will be talking to another, and the student will throw out a common curse word, or more frequently, the word "nigga" or some variation thereof, and when I tell the student to watch his/her language, s/he will look at me with a genuinely confused expression and insist that s/he didn't say anything wrong. These students of mine have made vulgar words so much a part of their vocabulary, they don't even hear them anymore.

After Jehmu and Tucker were done with their segment, Megyn Kelly took it upon herself to apologize for Jehmu's comments, but Jehmu has never apologized. Now it is apparent that Jehmu will suffer no consequences from Fox News for her racist statement delivered on-air toward Tucker Carlson. Just imagine if Tucker had picked some fashion mistake of Jehmu's and attached the words "black girl" to it? Or better yet, what if Tucker had been debating Nation of Islam head honcho Louis Farrakhan and called him a "bow tyin' black boy"?

The double standards out there continue to sicken me, but not surprise me.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be."  -Thomas Jefferson

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