Friday, March 26, 2010

Senator Baucus slurs out some candid comments

Why were you not framing this whole health control debacle in this fashion before the vote, Senator Baucus? The other day, Senator Max Baucus of Montana was speaking during a Senate session, and was rather up front about the real reason why the Dems in Congress and our illustrious president so badly wanted to get this health control legislation passed. Take a listen and do try to follow along with Senator Baucus's halted and slurred delivery:

Where do I even begin when addressing the slurred slew of collectivist, socialistic drivel that poured out of that man's mouth?

First off, I thought this bill was about providing health care for all, not redistributing income.

Second thing, income is earned in this country; not "distributed." At least, that's supposed the be the way it is. With people like Baucus (and Obama, Pelosi, and Reid) in charge, that situation is changing right quick.

Third, how exactly is health care a "right," as Senator Baucus insists? How can you possibly have a right to something when someone else has to provide it? You may have the right to pursue health care, but when the government forces someone else to provide you with health care, that is not a right. I have the right to free speech, but that doesn't mean the government is supposed to force someone to provide me with a megaphone or a radio station.

Fourth and finally, who the hell are you, Senator Baucus, to decide how wealthy is "way too wealthy"? Baucus's comments are a perfect representation of the control-freak mentality of your typical statist who thinks he knows what is best for you.

People of Montana, I thought your state was a conservative one. How in blazes did this left-wing kleptocrat become your senator? Let me guess: he runs as a conservative at election time? I would say that it is time to clean house, but unfortunately, Baucus was just reelected in 2008. In the midterm election of 2014, please People of Montana, try to remember Senator Baucus's words of a few days ago.

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

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Law and Order Teacher said...

It never was about health care. It was always about power. The problem is that once an entitlement becomes law, it almost impossible to get rid of it.

Chanman said...

And that has now been made painfully clear to the rubes who truly believed it was about health care... after the bill was passed into law, of course.

Anonymous said...

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