Monday, March 29, 2010

Mattera scatters the cockroaches

Jason Mattera has become one of my heroes. The spokesman from Young America's Foundation and author of the new book Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation is especially effective when he comes up to these hypocritical statists in Congress and calls them on their own ignorant crap.

For videos of Mattera's handiwork that I have previously posted, click here.

Here are two more, with the best one being Mattera's ambush interview with Democrat (naturally) Representative David Obey of Wisconsin. As soon as Obey and his staff realize that Mattera is not there to worship at the Representative's feet, watch what happens. The video with Democrat (naturally) Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa isn't much better, with Harkin denying that he said what can easily be viewed on YouTube.

These people are shameless, and as you watch them scatter like cockroaches as Mattera shines the light of truth upon them, always keep in mind that these pieces of human filth are elected officials who are paid with yours and my hard-earned tax dollars.


First up is David Obey:

I especially enjoyed Obey's female staffer with the evil little smile who says, "You guys are craaaazy." I'm not sure if she means that Mattera is crazy for thinking that there is funding in the new Health Control Law for Native American child molesters (which there is), or if she thinks Mattera is crazy for actually having the audacity to stand up to a member of our modern-day royalty that is the U.S. Congress. How DARE he?!

Then here is Tom Harkin:

Mattera's response to Harkin regarding the public education defense was GOLDEN! Way to turn it around on the Senator. Keep at 'em Jason!

Good Day to You, Sir

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Darren said...

I put that anti-Guevara poster from YAF to good use not too long ago. After the health care bill passed, one student at my school was having a very difficult time accepting it--and had a rougher time when she had to go to a Spanish class with a poster of Guevara on the wall. The teacher sent her to me so she could "talk to someone who would understand", and I let her borrow the YAF poster for a week. It seemed to help :-)