Monday, December 14, 2009

In the end, it really wasn't a fair fight

Lord Christopher Monckton is one of the most knowledgeable and articulate people out there who is doing all he can to inform people about the hoax that is Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming.

He has been in Copenhagen while the high priests of the Church of Global Warming have been meeting there to discuss how they are going to best take over our money and our freedom in order to fix a non-existing problem. In this on-the-street interview, Monckton debates a Norweigian demonstrator from Greenpeace and proceeds to tear her beliefs limb from limb. It really is a pleasure to watch this baffled woman watch her whole faith be shattered in ten minutes, but in the end, she hangs on to that faith despite any of Monckton's contrary evidence. Meanwhile, Monckton shows just how silly these people really are:

It really is a religion, ladies and gentlemen.

Good Day to You, Sir


Donalbain said...

Knowledgable and articulate?

I will now list his entire resume of training and expertise on climatology.

Did you read all that? Would you like me to repeat it?

Chanman said...

While you're at it, could you please list Al Gore's as well?

Donalbain said...

How di I know you would do that? NOBODY mentioned Al Gore. YOU however touted the knowledge of a completly unqualified man. A man so "articulate" that he calls Jewish protestors "Hitler Youth".

Chanman said...

And I knew that the first thing you would do would be to scoff at Monckton because he doesn't have a science degree.

Of course I mention Al Gore. If you AGW cultists have no problem with making your front man Al Gore and showering him with the Nobel Peace Prize, and making him a keynote speaker at Copenhagen, then why would you be foolish enough to question the expertise of Lord Monckton?

So, is a scientific degree a requirement to give an opinion or not? You AGW cultists seem to want to have it both ways.

There are the scientists and there are the spokesmen. You have yours, and I have mine. The problem with yours is that they keep lying their asses off and trying to hide contradictory evidence.

Chanman said...

Oh, I almost forgot. I saw Monckton calling the protestor a "Hitler Youth." Judging by their behavior, I can't say I blame him. And his calling the protestor a Hitler Youth had nothing to do with the protestor being Jewish.

If you want to come to my blog to debate, then have at it. If you are here to defame and lie, then I will treat you like a troll. You choose.

Donalbain said...

Nope. I have not made Al Gore anything. I will however, tend to look at scientific papers in scientific journals. I will also take the opinion of the Academies of Science of ALL the G8 nations (plus 24 others that I have found) as being of slightly more value than some kook Lord who thinks it is acceptable to call Jewish people Hitler Youth.

You say I come here to vilify and lie, and yet there is not a single thing I have said that is untrue. As per usual, you do not actually deal with issues, you just resort to calling someone a troll.

If you can find a statement above that is a lie from me, then quote it. Otherwise, I am done in this conversation.

Chanman said...

You are lying by omission. You are purposely making it sound like Monckton specifically called them Hitler Youth *because* they were Jewish. That is simply not true; yet you are still saying it. That is lying.

That is a very impressive list of people and organizations you have on your side. Too bad they depend so much on the information given by several influential scientists whose emails have shown them to lie, hide contradictory evidence, and corrupt the peer-review process so that no contradictory papers are given the time of day. And to top it all off, much of the raw data that was the basis for much of this crap has been destroyed. You have cited the tree as your proof; the trouble is, the fruit from the tree is poisonous.

And you are free to end this conversation whenever you like, Troll. You came here, remember?

And this whole time, you have never had a blog of your own; you just sniped on mine.

Now I see you have a blog, but it has not a single post. Cheerio!

Donalbain said...

OK..nothing I said was untrue. Thank you for admitting that.

Chanman said...

Actually no, but please, keep doubling down; you're doing great.

Chanman said...

Oh, and naturally, I assume you will stipulate that Monckton's information that he gives during his exchange with the protester on the video is correct. I notice that you attack his lack of academic credentials, yet you never refuted any facts that he stated.

Thank you for admitting that he is correct.

Donalbain said...

Please quote a SINGLE phrase from above that is untrue. Go ahead.

Chanman said...

Oh, so now he's tripling down! I will do nothing further than track your gambling failures until you acknowledge that you are insinuating that Monckton called those protesters "Hitler Youth" *because*, and I emphasize *because* they were Jewish. You seem to be leaving that part out. until you acknowledge what you're trying to do, I am not going to go along with your underhanded little fallacious scheme here. Place your bets, Donalbain, place your bets. Are you gonna quadruple down?

Anonymous said...

Resumes do not refute logic.

Donalbain said...

No.. not what you IMAGINE. Use the words I typed. Please quote me saying it was BECAUSE of anything. Sorry.. you can't can you? Because I never said it was BECAUSE the student was Jewish.

Interestingly, while we are on the subject of lies, Lord Monckton styles himself as a peer of the House of Lords. Which he is not. He failed to get elected to the House of Lords!

Chanman said...

Oh, no, of course not - your assertion is totally benign.

You still haven't answered my question: Did Monckton know that the protesters were Jewish when he called them "Hitler Youth"? You are increasingly showing yourself to be too much of a dolt to understand the importance of clarifying that fact before we can move on. Until you do clarify, you are wasting your time.

Donalbain said...

Well, that is actually the FIRST time you asked the question, but I am happy to answer it.

Yes. He knew the protestor was Jewish.

Now, would you care to quote one sentence from above where I said anything untrue. Go ahead.. try it.

Darren said...

Lies of omission are still lies. Half-truths are lies.

Low breeding.

Chanman said...

Actually Donalbain, I have been asking you that from the beginning. I am still waiting for you to tell me what was incorrect about what Monckton said to the protestor on the video.

Round and round we go.

Donalbain said...

OK.. you are a liar. You asked the question of whether he knew the protestor was a Jew ONCE. Now, given that you have lied in defence of a liar and yet not found a single thing I said that was untrue, I will leave this conversation.

Chanman said...

Where are we now? Quadrupling down? Quintupling down? I lost track. Merry Christmas!

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