Sunday, April 05, 2009

Let me fix that statement for you there, Padre

As these words are typed, I am sitting in the home of my wife's sister and her family in the Point Loma area of San Diego. The fam and I departed Sacramento after work on Friday, and after nine hours on Interstate 5 (I drove every one of those miles by the way), we arrived at our destination just after 1am Saturday morning.

We have spent an afternoon at the beach, and tomorrow, we will hit the world-famous San Diego Zoo, but this morning we all attended church at one of the Protestant denominations in the Point Loma area.

During the sermon, the pastor was talking about the anxiety that our society currently feels, what with the economy and all, and he found the space in the sermon to offer up this gratuitous paean to our Dear Leader:

"We have a president who is gifted with a non-anxious presence."

I beg to differ. When I watch or listen to President Obama speak, I see and hear nothing but anxiety. I see a man who stutters and "uhh's" his way through his speeches whenever he must diverge from the teleprompter and actually speak what I assume are his actual thoughts.

I see an American public and stock market that gets anxious every time Obama or his tax-cheating Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, say anything about their plans for our industry and economy.

I see a world that is anxious as people of the different countries attempt to figure out just what kind of resolve our wishy-washy commander in chief really has in standing up to the bullies and aggressors of the world.

Speaking of those bullies and aggressors, they seem to be the only ones who aren't anxious. The terrorist group Hamas seems to be perfectly content as Obama seems hell-bent on securing almost a billion of our tax dollars to rebuild Gaza. Of course, due to incompetence, mismanagement, and general derangement, Gaza was a pit before the Israelis bombed it earlier this year. Not that the billion would be spent toward rebuilding efforts anyway... too many rockets and strap-on bomb vests to buy.

North Korea doesn't seem too anxious, as that country's demented leadership just fired a rocket the other day and continue the desire to be a nuclear power.

Russia doesn't seem too anxious as, ever since Obama took office, they have ratcheted up the rhetoric. Never forget that the leader of Russia is still Putin, and that he spent the better part of his life working for the KGB.

I am noticing more and more a kind of self-assuaging attitude where the Obamabots out there keep saying over and over again that their Dear Leader is an oratorical genius, even though he more and more being shown to be good at reading stuff. When Obama speaks off the cuff, I don't feel calmed. I feel my anxiety building with his every word.

Good Day to You, Sir


Tracie said...

I think what worries me most about that post is the bringing of politics into church. It's just not the place.

Anonymous said...

I . . . uh . . . think that . . . uh . . . lack of anxiety . . . uh . . . is . . . uh brought about by . . . uh . . . confidence in God . . . uh, aaannnnd not a, uh . . . confidence in . . . uh, in oneself (strong emphasis on "elf")

Anonymous said...

Tracie, get out your history book: this country was won from the pulpit. The militia at Lexington was a congregation of the church and took the first volley from the British thus beginning the war and the "shot heard around the world." When it comes to liberty, every place is the right place. I may not agree with his statement, but I will defend to my death his right to say it. Indeed, I have put myself in harm's way to defend his right to speak from the pulpit, the street corner or in the corner bar.

Darren said...

Austin and I went to the San Diego Zoo on Thursday, after getting back from our cruise. Didn't see any penguins there, like I remember from when I went there as a child. Do they not have them anymore, or did we just not find them?

The panda was pretty cool, though.