Thursday, October 09, 2008

When you leave the news to the "professionals"

Newsweek magazine has a new issue out. Sarah Palin is on the cover. Does Newsweek have a photo of her giving a speech? Meeting with world leaders maybe? How about shaking hands with the common folk? Nah. Instead, Newsweek shows Palin as they see her:

They think she is some ditzy hick who just likes to go huntin' and stuff, so that's what they show. Of course on the other hand, I think this is wonderful photo of Sarah Palin, and it endears me to her all the more, as I'm sure it does many voters in "Flyover Country."

The funny thing is watching the left-wing media try to wrap their minds around a woman like Sarah Palin. For a really good laugh, read what this L.A. Times blogger had to say about Palin and her "rifle."

Suffice it to say, she ended her piece with this flash of brilliance:
Hey, is that even the right way to hold a rifle? Can't you shoot your foot off like that?
First of all, genius, that isn't a rifle; it's a shotgun. Second of all, that is a very common way of carrying an unloaded shotgun, so that way you CAN'T shoot off your foot. It is called carrying it in the broken position. A gigantic number of commentors wrote in and told this blogger what an idiot she was. So not to fear! The same blogger wrote a follow-up post in which she castigated the commentors for calling her on her ignorance, trying to pass it all off as a big joke she was trying to make. That didn't fly, and many of the same commentors wrote back in. This was my favorite comment to this clueless blogger:
Oh, I see... You MEANT to look like an idiot. ...and the gun-clingers are hot-headed morons for pointing out the obvious. Ok.

How do you even have a job?
It's the leftist elitism like that of Newsweek and the L.A. Times that makes me so irritated about the prospects of Obama winning in the first place.

Good Day to You, Sir


Don, American said...

Could there be anything sexier than a pretty lady embracing her gun? My God, what a great picture.

Rho said...

This is kind of a different topic, but some of our kids got to see Obama this morning in Chillicothe, Ohio. Lots of heated discussions the past few days in social studies class over what our soldiers were doing in Iraq--killing, raping, and torturing or getting rid of a tyrant and murderer and his evil regime. Thank goodness our SS teacher is ex-army and one of the world's good guys! One girl carried the discussion into my room and said that some of our soldiers were bad guys who raped and tortured innocent civilians. I asked her what percent she thought fit that category and she said 5%. My God! I asked her if she had any idea how many soldiers the total count might be, and just how many the 5% would add up to! She comes from a very liberal family, and it brought it home tome how warped the liberal viewpoint is.

Law and Order Teacher said...

This woman would have been apoplectic if they had seen us carrying our M-79 Grenade launchers in the foot-shooting position. How about sleeping with your M-16. Is that sexual or survival. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

This woman is dangerous . . . dangerously gorgeous that is.

Darren said...

I await Donalbain's commentary.

Chanman said...