Saturday, October 11, 2008

Attack of the Obamabots

A couple weeks ago, I put a McCain/Palin sign on my lawn. Any regular reader of this blog knows what I think of that squid-spine McCain, but my wife is very excited about Sarah Palin, and my neighbor directly across the street has an Obama/Biden sign that I must look at every time I step out my front door, so I thought I would put out my sign more as a "vote against Obama" statement rather than saying to vote for McCain. My other across-the-street neighbors who live one door down from the Obama folks also got a McCain/Palin sign for their lawn at the same time we put one on ours.

Well, it took longer than I thought it would, but it happened nonetheless: I walked out this morning, and my sign was gone. The metal frame was still sticking halfway out of the lawn, but the sign itself was nowhere to be found. I looked across the street, and my pro-McCain neighbors were missing their sign as well, with the metal frame still sticking out of their lawn. A third McCain/Palin sign that was on the lawn of a house about three doors down was also torn down and missing. The five or so Obama/Biden signs that are scattered along my street were of course standing proudly and unmolested.

I am so not surprised that I and my fellow McCain/Palin sign owners were paid a visit by some of the Obamessiah's minions, and I couldn't help but chuckle when I realized that what I had been expecting had finally happened. At the same time however, I find the implications of these sign thefts to be rather chilling. Can you imagine the mind set of these fascistic fools that would motivate them to do what they did? What else are they willing to do in their support of their Messiah?

And to cut some of you off at the pass, don't even try with this "they right wingers do the same thing" garbage. I am quite sure there are isolated incidents of Obama signs being messed with or destroyed, but I defy anyone to assert that the number of incidents from both sides are even close to being equal.

UPDATE: 4:17pm - I just got back from a Republican HQ office with three new signs. I already replaced the one in my front yard, and I will walk down the street to see if the other two sign-holders want a new one.


Larry said...

You deal with children of all ages. You should understand by now that "right" and "wrong" are relative, situational, and largely irrelevant matters.

You are not supposed to put up McCain signs.

Why is that so hard for you to understand?

After the first of the year, if you still have a lawn, they will tell you what to put up.

Charity said...

Well, if you weren't so racist, you would have an Obama sign on your lawn. Obviously.

Is it November yet?

Larry said...

You can still post to this blog, so you know its not January, and probably not November.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I lost my sign too. It is a sign (no pun intended) of what is to come. Obama is a product of his upbringing on college campuses. Stomp out any speech with which you don't agree. He is a part of the next generation of thougt police. Scary.

Donalbain said...,5143,700265330,00.html

Seems that sign theft is a pretty standard, if nasty, campaign method for everyone.

Of course the idea that there will be some massive clampdown on blogging if Obama wins is just laughable..

Law and Order Teacher said...

Are familiar with the dream legislation of the Dems that requires equal time on the airwaves for both sides? This legislation would require that radio stations schedule an equal amount of programming on each side of the political spectrum. Too much conservative radio time, you see. Let the market dictate. Most liberal radio shows have failed. That's the market. Obama supports that. He also supports union check offs rather than fair, secret ballot elections when choosing union representation. That opens employees to all kinds of harrassment tactics. So much for free thought, eh?

Chanman said...

Well, well little d, I see that as usual, you have your selective hearing ears on.

I didn't say that theft and vandalism of Obama signs doesn't happen; of course it does.

However, if you take the total number of thefts and vandalism regarding signs and bumper stickers around the United States, you can't tell me that both sides are even.

A car with an Obama bumper sticker is much safer and less likely to be keyed in Colorado Springs (a conservative city) than a car with a McCain bumper sticker would be in San Francisco (a very liberal city).

Donalbain said...

Go on then. Take the number of thefts of both. Show your working. Or is it a claim you are making with no support?

Chanman said...

Oh sure, let me just pull out the study that's been done. Sorry British guy, but this is just one of those things in which you have to live in the States to catch the vibe.

I can tell you what makes the lopsided total painfully clear, and this all the shenanigans that went on in 2004 near election time, when Republican campaign offices were being shot at, Republican get-out-the-voters vans had their tires slashed, and so far this year, Sarah Palin's email has been hacked.

And once again, I ask the question:
Would you rather be in Colorado Springs with an Obama sticker on your car, or San Francisco with a McCain sticker on your car? I would take my chances in Colorado Springs any day.

Donalbain said...

OK.. as I thought. It is just something that you pulled out of your arse with no data or evidence to back it up.

Chanman said...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Don, American said...

You will enjoy today's It's Che.

Donalbain said...

I never made a claim other than it happens on both sides. I was able to back that claim up with evidence. YOU on the other hand made a specific claim that one side did it more than another. You failed to provide any evidence for that at all.

If i was to claim that right wingers abuse children more than left wingers, I would be an idiot UNLESS I had evidence to back up that claim. In fact, any claim made without evidence is a stupid one..

Chanman said...

I never denied that it happens on both sides, so your "evidence" was merely pointing out the obvious.

As far as whether or not it happens more on the left than the right, like I said, it appears no one has ever done a study on it. However, I'll provide something in a post later today that should be pretty convincing (to anyone but you, that is).