Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving

I just got another juicy comment from someone who is not happy about my postings regarding Titus Hill, the wannabe gangsta-thug from Florida who killed his robbery victim, Sean Ellenberger, but not before being fatally shot himself by said victim.

I originally wrote about the incident here, and I posted some profane comments that I later received here.

Two days ago, I got another comment - this time from... well, K-BO refers to himself as Hill's brother. But in thug-ghetto speak, I don't know if he literally means Hill was his actual brother, or if he was just a good friend, i.e. "Wassup my brutha?"

So once again, someone is not happy about hearing the reality of the situation, and what is really delicious is that K-BO blames all this on the victim, Sean Ellenberger! Check it out, and as always, I haven't edited a thing:
Man Fuck all yall. I been knowing titus my whole life. He was my brother. Yall don't know shit about Him. Yall dont know what our family is going through without him. He was the life of our family and now that he is gone we are all having trouble moving on without him. and before you speak on the situation you need to get the facts right. titus didnt shoot first. that fuck ass white man shot my brother first as he was walking away. FUCK SEAN AND THE REST OF YOU DUMB FUCKERS!!!!!!!! RIP BLLOD BROTHA WE MISS YOU LOVE YA FACE!!
Ah yes, isn't that great? Hear that everyone? I don't have my facts right: Titus didn't shoot first! I mean, yeah, he only held a gun to a man's head while robbing him, but he didn't shoot first! I can't imagine why the victim... excuse me... "that fuck ass white man" pulled his own gun and fired. How dare he?!

What do we do when society has sunk this low? When K-BO saves his anger not for his "brother" who robbed and killed a man, but for the robbery victim who defended himself and his friend? What do you do with knuckleheads like K-BO? At least I know what someone did with a knucklehead like Titus Hill.

Good Day to You, Sir


M.A. said...


I don't care who shot first, but one thing is certain: Titus Hill, your brother, was robbing Sean Ellenberger at gunpoint.

I'm sorry that you lost a family member, but I have no sympathy for someone who is killed while trying to commit armed robbery.

Your brother is gone forever, but not because of Sean Ellenberger. Titus Hill is dead because of Titus Hill, period.

I realize from your comments that you think the "white man" is at fault here, but let me tell you something: This isn't about black and white. This is about right and wrong.

Titus Hill was NOT the victim in this tragedy. He was the catalyst.

nebraska girl said...

m.a. I agree with you, but K-BO won't get it...you used too many big words. Plus you refuse to let his brother be the victim here.Don't you know it's never the black man's fault.

Darren said...

On my post about laxative-laced cupcakes, I got comments from some "you don't know these people so you should comment about them" person.


Are you saying that these people didn't lace the cupcakes with laxatives and try to feed them to teachers? If so, you didn't say it very well. If you're just trying to stand up for your friend, that's admirable--but it doesn't change what they did, and *that* is what I comment about.

Just like what you're talking about here, Chanman.