Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little love from my readers

Not long ago, I posted my thoughts about a story out of Florida where a schoolteacher was shot to death in a friend's driveway as he was being robbed. Two wrinkles made this story stand out. The first wrinkle was that the teacher had a chance to pull his own gun and take his assailant, one Titus Hill, with him to the hereafter. The second wrinkle was the downright hagiographic profile of the robber/murderer in the St. Petersburg Times news story about the incident. Some of my commentors and I pulled no punches concerning our thoughts about the perpetrator, Titus Hill. Apparently, some of Mr. Hill's homies actually know how to operate a computer, and made their feelings known in my comments section. I thought the rest of my readers would get a kick out of the ignorance and misplaced rage of these comments. I have copied and pasted the comments as-is; I have made no edits whatsoever:
titus went to school with me and he was the most quite guy in the school am not a thug neither was him, he was another kid like me trying to make it in the world, bad thing is he was hanging with the wrong people and it gets me mad that people not knowing the kid would talk like that about him and he used to get on the bus rapping, lunch rapping,i think he used to dream rapping he was super intelligent and if you would talk to him he would talk with respect and diplomatic hes vocabulary was better than my principal he just made a bad decision r.i.p. titus hill homie
OK, as misguided as this is, at least he kept it civil. Let's see how the next guy does:
R.i.p Titus, every one down at south county new titus and dat he was a good person. titus would always be tellen me ta grab the door for a girl and always tellen me to get my work done. i knone titus for 2 years now and just found out like 2 or 3 days ago that he is dead. i thought he graduated like he was tryin so hard ta do dog. titus always wanted to become a rapper and he was good. he was da coolest kid in school. titus is in a better place and he wouldent purpusly hurt some one so i dont no what yall talkin bout. m.a.,Law and order teacher,chanman, NG, yall need to check yall selfs befor talk bout my boy titus.
Again, this guy also managed to keep it civil, but you can tell he is not happy about the way I and others didn't "check yall selfs" befor[e] I talked about his boy, Titus. Here is the final collection of thoughts from a concerned reader:
Fuck all you motha fucken pussys that think they no bout titus i dont giove a fuck that your friend is dead. fuck you for talkin bout titus like dat. GittMann is one of the best people u would ever meet. R.i.p dog we miss down at SCCC. We no u in a betta place man.
Oh my! I seem to have really offended this ignorant assho... ahhh, I mean, gentleman. I will say one thing... dog: I'm not so sure that Mr. Hill would have been "one of the best people u would ever meet," as he probably would have robbed and shot me. I think the world is a much better place with him not in it. Does that make you angry? Good.

Oh, and thank you for reading Buckhorn Road.

Good Day to You, Sir


Law and Order Teacher said...

It's a pleasure to be lumped together with you in the Pantheon of Rap boyz hatred. I can't understand them and their scholarly ruminations certainly put us in our place. What's lost is that a good man is dead and a thug is lionized by some. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you got them to points for originality or style, but they probably aren't going to all turn out to be Tolstoys anyway.

Darren said...

I still have to deal with Donalbain.