Sunday, May 04, 2008

If I say it enough, maybe it will come true?

A sure sign of desperation is when you project your opinion onto the rest of us:

Obama says public tired of hearing about his former pastor
WASHINGTON - Democrat Barack Obama and his wife said Thursday the public is tired of hearing about incendiary remarks by their former pastor, as they sought to put the controversy that has rocked his presidential campaign to rest.

"We hear time and time again voters are tired of this," Michelle Obama said in an interview the couple gave to NBC's "Today" show.

"They don't want to hear about this division, they want to know what are we going to do to move beyond these issues," she said. "And what made me feel proud of Barack in this situation is that he is trying to move us as a nation beyond these conversations that divide..."
Which "voters" would that be, Michelle? The ones that support you? That's a scientific sample ya got there. Of course, although voters are supposedly "tired of this" and want to "move beyond these issues", even Barack Obama himself admits that the Wright controversy has hit him where it hurts:
Barack Obama acknowledged the Wright controversy, as well as his own remarks about voters clinging to guns and religion in economically-depressed Pennsylvania towns, have hurt his campaign and the damage is beginning to show in polls...
The best line of the night comes from that shrew of a wife of his:
In a separate interview with CNN taped Wednesday, Michelle Obama said her husband's denunciation of Wright's comments was "a tough thing for him to do."

"Yes, it was painful. Yes, it's been difficult, but I think that the more difficult thing that this country is facing is trying to move politics into conversations around problems and problem-solving, and that's what we're going to be pretty determined to do," she said. "I think that this is about all I'm going to say on this issue, and I think we're going to close this chapter and move into the next phase of this election. With that, I'm hoping that we'll talk about something else."
Oh, I bet you want us to talk about something else, Michelle. I bet you do.

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

This is an issue. Obama thinks this will go away. Obama will lose the General election because of Wright.

The sad thing Mike Huckabee former Republican candidate was right when he said that Wright does not want Obama to win so he can continue to justify his hate sermons.

Don, American said...

Shrewd? Oh, no,that's shrew. Would you prefer her or Bill Clinton as co-president? Now, that's a choice.

Texas Truth said...

She is as bad as he is. She may be worse than Hillary.

Darren said...

It's hard to say who's the bigger b***h, Michelle Obama or Teresa Kerry.