Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Goracle speaketh with a forked tongue

That cyclone in Burma that killed tens of thousands of people? Global Warming, so sayeth the Goracle.

Out of curiosity, I would love for him to tell us all what caused the great hurricane of 1900 that wiped Galveston, Texas off the map. Or how about Hurricane Camille, which devastated the Gulf Coast in 1969? The stupidity and dishonesty of this blowhard knows no bounds.

Good Day to You, Sir


Don, American said...

If the Democrats keep going the way they have been, he may become the candidate. What an AlGorgasm.

Law and Order Teacher said...

He cannot stand that during this campaign he is irrelevant.

Darren said...

There you go again, Mr. Chanman. You've got to stop *thinking* logically and start *feeeeeeeling* emotionally. Only then can you experience a Gore-gasm.