Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Newest addition to my classroom wall

After two years of lobbying for the funds, my perseverance has turned a dream into a reality. I finally got my wall map:

This world map is 13 feet wide by 8 feet tall. When teaching history, I find it very important to try to always make sure my students not only know when we are talking about, but also where we are talking about. I have always been bothered trying to point out locations on some piddly 3X4 foot map. That will no longer be a problem. I figure we can also clear the desks aside every once in a while, and my class can play some fun map games.

Good Day to You, Sir


Mrs. Bluebird said...

LOVE, love, love your wall map. That is awesome!

Babbie said...

I've been using a large world map that I got from some commercial enterprise several years ago, so it's not as pretty as yours. I do enjoy sending my English students up to the map to find countries, major rivers, anything geographical that we encounter in the literature. Most of them get the "deer-in-the-headlights" look as they search, such as one looking earlier this week for the Euphrates in Africa. But then, this is South Carolina.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I would love to have a map like that. Good job on getting it. My wall map features Europe post WWII with E/W Germany etc. Not too cool for WWI. I got a world map from a commercial company. It works OK.