Monday, October 22, 2007

We gon' done elected one a dem Injuns

So much for the conventional wisdom. The people of Louisiana have overwhelmingly elected Piyush "Bobby" Jindal as their new Republican governor.

Yes, those swamp-running backwater yokel locals, those racist intolerant scum who everyone thought were a bunch of noose-hanging numbskulls who have been painted with the Jena brush have managed to somehow elect a man who is not white and whose parents are from a south Asian country. I trust you can detect my sarcasm.

And they elected him in what was just about as much of a landslide election as one can find. Jindal received 54% of the vote. His next closest competitor received 18%, and there were 11 candidates in all. Jindal needed a majority vote to avoid a runoff election. It seems the only people who were surprised at Jindal's success were the northeastern media who couldn't conceive of Jindal winning the thing outright. Sure, they had to concede that he would do well in the election, but they believed that he would probably not receive a majority of the vote, let alone a 54-18 win over the runner-up.

Bobby Jindal's story is truly an amazing one. His parents were immigrants from India who had come to Louisiana to attend graduate school. He graduated from Brown and Oxford, then was a member of the Louisiana governor's cabinet when he was just 24 years old. He converted from Hinduism to Catholicism when he was a teenager, and is a political and social conservative.

Now he is the governor of Louisiana, and at the ripe old age of 36, has to be seen as a rising star in Republican politics. But let's see him learn to walk before he begins to run. Getting elected is only the first step. Now let's see how he leads.

I am very excited for Bobby Jindal, and in the wake of the black eye that Louisiana received as a result of the whole "Jena 6" affair, I'm glad to see the citizens of that state give an electoral middle finger to the sanctimonious race-baiters out there.

Good Day to You, Sir


Matthew K. Tabor said...

Wow, who knew that such un-enlightened trash was capable of embracing diversity?!? The truly remarkable thing here is that they didn't even need to undergo diversity training in freshman orientation to throw support behind someone other than David Duke!

Sarcasm in paragraph 2 both noted and appreciated.

I was very pleased to hear of Jindal's win - not only is he incredibly talented, but the state desperately needs him. His CV suggests that he'll be a very effective leader.

Darren said...

A friend of mine from New Orleans has been excited about Jindal for years now.