Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Won't this just make the students talk even louder?

Here's a humdinger of an article from across the Pond. I guess out-of-control students are not just an American phenomenon. The chatter in classrooms across Europe is apparently so bad, teachers are being urged to use microphones in the classroom in order to be heard above the din:
Teachers are being advised to use microphones, loudspeakers and other techniques to save their vocal cords.

A team of scientists issued the recommendations after a study of the impact of increasingly noisy classrooms. The survey of 3,904 teachers in France discovered that they were twice as likely as other workers to suffer disorders ranging from sore throats to vocal fold swelling...

According to the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), the consequences were grave as teachers struggled to make themselves heard above the babble. “It can rebound on the professional and social life of the person concerned, affecting their mental, physical and emotional state and their ability to communicate...”
This is such typical leftist nonsense. Yes, leftist. Do you think conservatives would come up with a solution like this for classrooms where students won't be quiet so the teachers can do their job? As a culture deteriorates, conservatives urge people to retake the culture; make the accepted vileness shameful again. Leftists on the other hand.... Criminals are starting to rob convenience stores? Put the clerk behind bulletproof glass. Vandals are breaking windows downtown? Post cameras everywhere. Students are not respecting the teacher and are talking too much and too loudly? Give the teacher a microphone. Would it be too much to expect the students to stop talking over the teacher? In our current culture - both here and in many parts of Europe - I guess it is. This is what happens when the sense of entitlement in prosperous countries begins to take over.

Good Day to You, Sir


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