Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tom Cruise's How-To Guide on Eliminating Thugs

There is a scene in the movie Collateral that has always just... ahem... blown me away. It is the infamous briefcase scene where Tom Cruise's hitman character does what he has to do in order to get his briefcase back from a couple of punks who just stole it from Jamie Foxx's character. From Cruise's actions, you can tell that he got some A+ prime technical advice from someone who knows how to shoot. On a whim, I searched for the scene on YouTube, and I quickly found that I am not the only one who is impressed by this particular scene. If you don't want to see realistic images of people getting shot, then don't watch this YouTube critique of Tom's technique.

I know Tom Cruise played a bad guy in this movie, but in this particular scene, I think he's a righteous "homie".

Good Day to You, Sir

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Texas Truth said...


I like some of Tom Cruise's movies, but care very little for him as a person.

However, I think he has to right idea about taking care of trash.

I have even thought about taking the Concealed Handgun Course here in Texas so I can legally carry a handgun.

Take care and keep those posts coming.