Saturday, September 15, 2007

Media double standard strikes again

I'm sure you all remember the flap over radio host Don Imus referring to the members of the Rutgers University womens' basketball team as a bunch of "nappy-headed ho's". For this politically incorrect sin, Imus was excoriated in countless breathless news stories, he knelt in shame at the altar of that lying charlatan Al Sharpton, and was then was ultimately fired despite all his efforts to play nice.

Fast forward to September 7 of this year. In a football game being played at Rutgers, the visiting players, midshipmen, and family members of the U.S. Naval Academy were repeatedly mocked by the home crowd in a most vile fashion.

In a column for, Robert Knight describes the most charming event of the day, when, just before halftime, Rutgers fans began yelling toward the Navy bleachers - forgive me - "Fuck you Navy! Fuck you Navy! Fuck you Navy!" Remember, this wasn't just directed at the players - which would be bad enough - this was directed at the midshipmen and the families of players and midshipmen in attendance.

My question is, seeing as how this boorish and deplorable behavior came from none other than Rutgers University, home of the sainted basketball team that had to bear the cruel taunts of Don Imus, why is this not a front-page story all over the papers and cable news? This happened over a week ago, and today is the first time I have heard anything about it. To ask the question of course, is to answer it. Once again, in the eyes of the left-wing media, some people are more worthy of victimhood than others.

Good Day to You, Sir


Matthew K. Tabor said...


[Aside: I think there's a slight distinction between the two examples - ripping on someone for genetic/racial traits is to rip on them for something they didn't choose. Imus' was a mix of genetic and cultural; nappy hair isn't a choice, a "ho" image is. This is one reason why the Imus situation played out in such a complex way.]

I really don't understand why one thinks it's appropriate to demand decorum from others and fail to behave in the same way. I also don't understand, as you've pointed out, why others [media, public, etc.] don't see this as a problem.

It reminds me of a mindset that seems to pop up with increasing regularity:

"Freedom for me but not for thee."

The Vegas Art Guy said...

And we're shocked why? As disgusting as the incident is, this is just further proof that the MSM hates anything that is good for this country. Otherwise this behavior would be front page news.