Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The ugly face of Hip-Hop

Hide your daughters everyone; Akon is on the prowl.

View this episode of Michelle Malkin's Vent to see what kind of criminal trash our youth culture is idolizing these days. It's stuff like this that reveals to me why we get old and die; we can't stand to continue watching what is becoming of the future.

Good Day to You, Sir


Charity said...

That was beyond disturbing.

"Hide your daughters everyone"

Actually, people need to hide their sons, too. Young men do not need to grow up thinking this stuff is acceptable.

My husband and I are very strict about what our boys listen to and now my 10-year-old (the oldest) is literally repulsed when he hears this kind of stuff.

I'm not saying that he will never rebel, but he has it ingrained in his conscience that this stuff is wrong.

Parents can make a difference. The question is, will they bother?

Texas Truth said...

I see this kind of behavior everyday. The hip hop crowd says it is part of their culture. The students I see in school who wear the hit hop style of clothes and emulate them are usually the criminals and those who find every little success in school.
They are all a bunch of sick losers.

Chanman said...

You are so right about hiding our sons too. God willing, hip-hop will be considered "lame" by the time my almost-three year old son is of age, but if it isn't, there is no way in hell he will be bringing that trash into our house.