Monday, April 30, 2007

California teachers are quitting in droves? How come?

This article has been swarming the edublogosphere, as well it should. According to the article, studies show that 22% of California teachers are leaving the profession after only four years of teaching. In inner-city high poverty-type schools, the rate of departure is 10% per year. Read the article to find out the reasons why, but don't expect to have the most obvious reason explained very explicitly. It is mentioned, but it gets rather lost in the clutter instead of being front and center within the article. Leave it to a commentor at the end of the article to state what should have been better addressed in the article:
No one apprarently (sic) dares to mention the obvious: the 'children' (barbarians and proto-criminals would be a better term) themselves drive the teachers away (from either the school or increasingly from the profession) through psychological and physical assaults that administrators, parents, and the system at large all tolerate. The problem with public schools are the barbarians that populate the schools. Unless that issue is confronted (at it likely will not) teachers will leave as soon as they can find a way out. I speak as a former NYC teacher
I saw an office referral in the hopper this morning from another teacher. Apparently one of our charming "frequent flyer" students called him a "fat fuck". Now why would teachers want to leave something like that?

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