Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A little diversity in the White House if you please?

I found this interesting article on RealClearPolitics (see blogroll) that brought up something that I have pondered in the past. If Hillary! won the election in 2008 and served two terms, we will have had either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House from 1989 to 2017 - a total of 28 years. That right there is enough to make you not want to vote for Hillary! How about a little new blood?

Good Day to You, Sir


Howard Davis said...

Why didn't you ask this question in 2000? I think you should have questioned the wisdom of another Bush in the White House after the first one was such a "success."

But the way you wrote this post is revealing. It is no longer right-wing dogma that Hillary is too "divisive" to be elected president. Now, you not only concede that she is electable, but you float the idea of her serving two terms!


Chanman said...

How do you know what I was doing in 2000? I have always questioned the wisdom of another Bush in the White House... hell, I didn't like the first one either. The problem is that in the 2000 and 2004 elections, the alternatives were Al Gore and John Kerry. That's even worse!

I don't concede that Hillary is "electable", I concede that there are too many uninformed myrmidons out there who are willing to vote for her, even though they don't know who she really is or what she is about. With that in mind, of course she could conceivably serve two terms; the uninformed electorate reelected her slimy husband didn't they? I could float the idea of Howdy Doody becoming president and being reelected, but that doesn't make it so.

I don't know what kind of "gotcha" moment you were you looking for Howard, but this sure wasn't it.

Nice try though ;)

Howard Davis said...

I have studied Hillary Clinton as much as anyone since she emerged on the national scene in 1992. I am not an "uninformed myrmidons" yet I am more than willing to vote for her for President.

I think you will have to do a little better than use personal attacks to make your case that there is someone more qualified, and with the right temperament for the job of president. Sorry, but there isn't a right-winger with a prayer of getting elected as things stand now. I suggest you start wrapping your mind around the notion of Hillary Clinton, commander in chief.

And you may as well float that idea you had about Howdy Doody as president, because no one in your party has a better chance of being elected!

Chanman said...

Howard says: "I suggest you start wrapping your mind around the notion of Hillary Clinton, commander in chief."

I'm not much of a Star Trek fan, but I do remember the Borg, who would always say, "Resistance is futile" - and you didn't want to get taken over by the Borg.

Howard, I will never wrap my mind around the notion of that psychotic, lying, socialist being my commander in chief.

However, I will readily concede to you that so far, the Republicans have given us a bunch of dead weight from which to choose. The only comfort I can take at this point is that we are still rather early in the run-up to the election, so there is still time to find someone who can take on Queen Hillary!

Oh, and poo-poo it all you like, but Hillary has a bunch of uninformed myrmidons in her corner who don't know what they are voting for. I stick by those words.