Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary! Panics!

Surprise, surprise: After literally years of saying she wouldn't run for president, Hillary! (Don't call me Clinton) Rodham has surprised no one - except the media apparently - and has thrown her hat in the ring for the White House. Oh sure, she has only formed one of those "exploratory" committees, but c'mon, this woman has been scheming toward the White House since she met her philandering benefactor from Arkansas. The only reason she is doing it now is because she was starting to see her momentum slip away before it even got started due to the excitement of Barack Obama's early entry into the '08 race. Richard Adams from one of the across-the-pond newspapers calls it.

You will notice that I keep calling her "Hillary!", complete with exclamation point. I do that because she has been calling herself that - complete with exclamation point - since she first ran for the senate in New York in 2000. She avoids using the Clinton surname like the plague in her campaigns, not wanting to remain encrusted by her husband's presidue. Don't believe me? Just look at this screenshot of her "exploratory" website:

I guess she has ditched the senate campaign era "!", but the first-name-only policy remains in place.

I don't feel like doing the play-by-play laundry list of all the reasons that this woman shouldn't be elected dogcatcher, let alone President of the United States. I'll just make it simple: She is an ethically-challenged, totalitarian socialist. I will even back up that statement with just one of many examples: HillaryCare. Back in 1994, when Billy Jeff put her in charge of the Health Care Reform Committee, the policy crafted by Hillary! dictated that doctors and patients could be arrested for giving or seeking medical care outside the socialized government health care system that Hillary! had dreamed up; dissent is not an option in Hillary's! world.

The usual M.O. for Hillary! supporters is to accuse dissenters like me of not wanting a woman to be president, or as a man, of not liking "strong-willed" women. That's a bunch of ad hominem bull pucky. I have no problem with a "strong-willed" woman being president, as long as she is a "strong-willed" woman who is politically libertarian-conservative! If she were a little younger and constitutionally eligible, I would vote for Margaret Thatcher in a heartbeat. If she were alive, I would vote for Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Don't give me the tired old crap about America being afraid to elect a woman president. That is as bad as continuing to say that a black person can never be elected president. Again, it's not the skin color, it's the politics. The reason I would not vote for Hillary! is the same reason I would never vote for Barack Obama. or Jesse Jackson. or Al Sharpton. They are all left-wing socialists. If Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell threw his hat in the ring, they would have my vote no problem.

Many people think that Hillary! is unelectable, that she pisses off too many people; that her personal and political background would rally the Republican base and send droves of conservative voters to the polls in order to keep her out of the Oval Office; that Barack Obama's star has risen so high that it has caused hers to sink. I hope that is the case. I was talking to fellow blogger George on my way home from work today, and he posited his hope that the fact that Hillary! represents the northeast like Kerry and Dukakis before her would kill her chances of becoming president. The problem is that this woman is a chaemeleon: she "has always been a Yankee fan"; she just recently found out that she is part Jewish; she wasfor the Iraq War when it served her purposes, now she is against the war. She is a master at being all things to all people, and too many of the masses seem to fall for it, not to mention the fact that she will undoubtedly pull in a lot of female voters simply because she is female - her politics be damned. Interestingly, Hillary! hails from Illinois, Arkansas, and most recently New York. So she would have the leftist northeast and Pacific states in her pocket without much of a fight. During campaign stops to the midwest, she will lay on her midwestern twang and talk about her Illinois roots. When campaigning in the south, she will switch to her southern accent that she perfected as the First Lady of Arkansas and emphasize her alleged fondness of living in and representing our southeastern region. Geographically and politically, she has much of the country covered. George did point out one thing that, if it happened, would mean a most unbeatable Democrat ticket: Hillary!/Obama 2008. I break out in a cold sweat just pondering it.

Quite simply, this woman's personality coupled with her totalitarian politics scares the daylights out of me, and yet, all I see from the Republican side is a deep-set case of anemia. The election of 2008 is going to be a frightening experience.

Good Day to You, Sir


Charity said...

Shouldn't her webpage say "Make herstory"?

Also, Thomas Sowell, President? One can only dream. And what a wonderful dream!

Darren said...

Interesting tidbits about the lady. Gotta love the picture, too!