Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Resigns

Donald Rumsfeld resigned today as Secretary of Defense. I really don't care one way or another; I just wanted to make the observation that people (usually lefties) who don't like the guy always call him "Rummy." I am unclear as to why they consider that so insulting, our humorous for that matter. I think it is a rather lame attempt at corrupting his name in an attempt to denigrate him.

There, I have always wanted to get that off my chest... and now I have.

Good Day to You, Sir


Howard Davis said...

Rummy is a nickname that even members of the Bush Administration have called him. It's not meant to be insulting. Don't assume that all liberals are like you and only use personal attacks, rather than argument, to make a point.

Darren said...

But Howard, most liberals *do* use personal attacks rather than argument to make a point.

Howard Davis said...

Says you. All I hear or read whenever I listen to talk radio, turn on Fox News, or look at any right wing blog, is all name calling at liberals and Democrats. It is without exception. Everytime I comment on a right-wing blog with a polite dissent, I am attacked and called everything from a supporter of terrorism to a traitor. Just for disagreeing.

That, my friend,is not an argument. The right uses harsher language and more vitriol when discussing liberals than they do when talking about terrorists! Sorry Darren, but you have no point here. It's sheer nonsense.

Chanman said...

A "polite dissent"? Here is an example of Howard's "polite" dissenting that he left on my very blog:

"...I guess you wingnuts never tire of saying the same old stories no matter how many times they have been disproven. Name one prominent Democrat that referred to Steele as "Step N Fetch It" and I'll personally blow Ted Haggard. I am that confident that you are just making shit up...."

I would hate to see what impolite would look like from you.

Howard Davis said...

Don't lie. You chuckled when you read that Haggard line.