Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's going to be an interesting two years

*Update 9:20pm
- The Democrat majority in the House is now up to +6

I am watching election returns on Fox News. As of this writing at 8:32pm, the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives and hold a +1 majority. The Republicans still control the Senate, but the Democrats need only 3 more seats to take over there too.

If Nancy Pelosi could move her face, I am sure she would be smiling right now, as come January, she will be Madame Speaker Pelosi.

The one race that has me the most dejected is the race for the open Senate seat in Maryland, pitting Michael Steele (R) against Ben Cardin (D). Michael Steele, whose previous gig was as Maryland's lieutenant governor, is black. During his whole campaign, Democrats and other assorted lefties have called him an Uncle Tom, an Oreo (black on the outside, white on the inside), a lawn jockey, Step 'n Fetchit, and every other subservient black stereotype one can think of. Remember this? Through it all, Steele has shown wit, poise, and patience. Right now, Fox News is calling the race in Cardin's favor. It's a shame.

Now that the Kleptocrats have taken the House, I expect all sorts of nuttiness to begin emanating from Capitol Hill: Impeachment hearings, slave reparation hearings, Fairness Doctrine hearings, and the work will begin to leave our troops and ultimately, the Iraqi people, high and dry. The Dems are like a bunch of kids in a candy store. If they also end up taking the Senate, color me surprised if Impeachment proceedings against President Bush don't begin right quick.

About the only silver lining I can see in all this is that perhaps this will give these Republicans who were lucky enough to keep their jobs the eye-opening that they need to realize that they have not been dancing with the one that brung 'em to the dance. Perhaps this will be the lighting of a fire that will burn brightly in the 2008 election and bring both Republican politicians and Republican voters back into the conservative fold.

Good Day to You, Sir


Howard Davis said...

Interesting how you continue to perpetuate the myths about Democrats and Michael Steele. The guy ran his race pretending to be a Democrat for crying out loud!

I guess you wingnuts never tire of saying the same old stories no matter how many times they have been disproven. Name one prominent Democrat that referred to Steele as "Step N Fetch It" and I'll personally blow Ted Haggard. I am that confident that you are just making shit up. You know that the so-called "oreo" incident never happened either, yet here you are repeating it as though it were fact. When will you guys on the right learn, you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

Chanman said...

It's always fun to watch a hysterical leftist try to rewrite history.

During the 2002 gubernatorial campaign in which Steele was running for Lt Governor of Maryland, he reported Oreo cookies being tossed to his feet by some in the crowd. The Oreos were handed out by activists outside. Even one of Ben Cardin's own staffers referred to the Oreo incident in a blog post of her's.

Esquire magazine recently called Steele a "lawn jockey". Democrat representative Steny Hoyer referred to Steele as being a slave to the Republican party.

Whoops, congratulations, you really showed me: I couldn't find a verbal reference to "step 'n' fetchit" however I can replace that with "simple sambo", which was uttered by Steve Gilliard, along with the doctored minstrel photo that Gilliard posted last year. Gilliard is a contributor to Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, and Firedoglake; prominent left wing blogs with which I am sure you are familiar. I guess we can just ignore the Oreo, lawn jockey, simple sambo, and slave incidents.

Whoops, I just found another one: in 2001, the president of the Maryland Senate, Thomas Miller, who is from Prince George's County, MD, called Steele an "Uncle Tom."

Sorry that the facts disrupted your carefully concocted dream world in which you reside.

Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

Teri said...

I'll bet you a buck the Dems don't impeach.....or maybe I just don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

Sorry Chanman, but I'm happy for some change. I think both sides SUCK! Why can't "we the people" get some good leaders?

I am surprised, however, that the States below the Mason-Dixon line voted for anyone with the "D" beside their name.

Maybe the voting was fixed....hmmmmm! : )

Chanman said...

Hi Teri!
Believe me, it does my heart no pain that the Republicans lost control of Congress. Believe me, it bugs me no end to know that the Kleptocrats have taken over, but on the other hand, if the Republicans had kept control, we would have seen two more years of scandal and acting like Democrats with spending and the immigration issue. Not to mention, it would have set up the Republicans for a flabby campaign in 2008. Like I said in the post, I hope this loss on Tuesday gave the Republicans a well-needed and well-deserved slap upside the head. They need to snap out of it and stop acting like Democrats.

Howard Davis said...

A claim from Steele and some comments from bloggers do not make proof. I guess I am right. Good. I didn't want to have to blow Haggard.

Chanman said...

It wasn't a comment from some "bloggers", it was from a campaign official from Ben Cardin's camp. Ben Cardin was Steele's opponent, remember?

I know that you wouldn't admit to this incident, even if there was a video of it, so all I can do is point out your absurdity in all its glory, especially since Michael Steele is not the only black Republican to be race baited by liberals. Think of any black Republican or conservative - Rice, Thomas - and you will see the same thing happening to them; it's nothing unusual.

Howard Davis said...

Pure fiction. Just because Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity says it, that does not make it fact.

Find me a prominent Democrat that "race baited" Condoleeza Rice as you claim and I'll concede the point. Keep in mind I said "prominent." That, again, does not mean anonymous staffers, bloggers, commenters, etc.

I see your outrage about injustice to African-American politicians only extends to those with an R after their name. I don't seem to see any outrage on your part about the RNC's racist ads in Tennessee against Harold Ford Jr. I dare you to be honest about that.

Chanman said...

Who said anything about Limbaugh or Hannity (besides you)? Never once have I mentioned them as a source.

I see that one of your strategies is that you get to decide who is a "prominent" Democrat. You never quite explain who that is. A prominent Democrat does not have to be a politician. The same goes for Republicans. PROMINENT left-wing cartoonist Ted Rall, referred to Condoleezza Rice as a "House Nigga", and portrayed another character telling her to hand over her hair straightener. Now before you start mocking my example of a cartoonist, you might want to check how people get their information. Ted Rall's cartoons are syndicated by United Press Syndicate and appear in 140 publications, including the PROMINENT New York Times, the PROMINENT Washington Post, the PROMINENT Los Angeles Times, and the PROMINENT San Jose Mercury-News. I would say those are pretty prominent publications wouldn't you? Millions of people read them every day, and I would say that many, many Democrats read those publications, wouldn't you? Many people (too many) don't get their information from politicians, they get it from the popular culture. When a guy like Ted Rall called Condi Rice a "house nigga" and that is published in all those prominent newspapers, yet is not condemned by the left for doing so, it speaks bucketloads about the left's true beliefs.

If you think that examples like Ted Rall's cartoons don't have an impact on the body politic, then you are more clueless about how the world works than I thought.

Chanman said...

By the way, you can view the Ted Rall cartoon yourself at:



Chanman said...

By the way, are you saying Clarence Thomas hasn't been race baited by a prominent liberal? You didn't mention him. I have to get back to work, but if you want evidence of that, it will take me about 10 seconds to find the quote. Also, I have never had the chance to view the Harold Ford "Call me" ad, but I have heard of it. I will give you my thoughts once I see it.

Gotta go make a living now, but I welcome your thoughts.

George said...

"If Nancy Pelosi could move her face . . ." that's funny!!!

Howard Davis said...

Yeah, "If Nancy Pelosi could move her face.." wow. What a clever comment. Good to see you pratice what you preach regarding personal attacks. Because commenting on a person's appearance is constructive political discourse in your world, I guess.

As for the Ford ad, I posted it

But I already know your answer because you are quite predictable.

Chanman said...

If Pelosi was born that way, I would agree with you, but when you overdo it with the plastic surgery, prepare yourself for the wisecracks. She looks like she's about to ask Mr. DeMille for her closeup.

I also make occasional cracks about Trent Lott's helmet hair. Is that OK with you, or do I need to stop that as well?