Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mr. Adams goes to Amherst

Mike Adams, conservative professor extraordinaire from UNC-Wilmington, recently traveled to Amherst, Massachusetts to give a speech at what he dubbed "Planet U-Mass." The results were a train wreck of spoiled, immature protestors showing off their supposed tolerance by intolerantly disrupting Adams' speech.

For the full story, read Professor Adams' Townhall column, in which he describes what he at first thought was just a bad dream. Be sure to click on the linked text in the column. You will be taken to video of the train wreck that is available on YouTube.

Good Day to You, Sir


George said...

So much for an open mind!

Darren said...

Don't call them intolerant! They're just not tolerating Adams' intolerance!

(Can I get a Noam Chomsky Award for that one?)