Friday, November 24, 2006

Did you know there is a war on?

One aspect of our war on Islamic terrorism that I think gets too often overlooked is the plethora of individual stories of bravery and sacrifice that happen every day in this war. I came across the this website this morning that features a few stories every week about medal recipients and what they did to earn those medals. Here is but one example:

Marine Corps Sergeant Major Bradley A. Kasal

Sgt. Maj. Kasal was assisting one of his platoons in Fallujah on Nov. 14, 2004, when heavy gunfire broke out in an Iraqi home known as the “House of Hell.” Marines quickly began exiting the building as Kasal rushed in to assess the situation and help. Kasal was hit multiple times as he grabbed a wounded Marine stranded in the line of fire. Once they were in a more sheltered area, they realized that they only had enough bandages to help one of them. Kasal gave all his medical supplies to the other Marine instead of trying to divide the supplies. The insurgents continued their heavy assault, and threw a hand grenade within a few feet of the Marines to force them to come out from under cover. Kasal reacted quickly, and used his own severely injured body to protect the other Marine from shrapnel. Despite losing about 60 percent of his blood from more than 40 shrapnel wounds and seven gunshot wounds, Kasal survived. On May 1, 2006, Kasal was awarded the Navy Cross. Defend America |

Good Day to You, Sergeant Major

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Anonymous said...

Sempre Fi ! The Marines LIVE it.

I hope the Sgt. Mjr was/is being treated with the respect he earned, not the usual CKST treatment many of our recently wounded service personnel have experienced at the hand of this government.