Sunday, October 22, 2006

This is why I refuse to chaperone school dances

We have come a long way from the foxtrot and the twist. Nowadays, our nation's students are performing simulated sex acts on the dance floor. The name assigned to this form of so-called dancing is "Freaking". Schools are not only cracking down on freaking on the dance floor, some have banned dances altogether. Not surprisingly, some parents are upset that dances have been banned, because they don't see what the big deal is with this Freaking phenomenon.

Ahem, I can answer that one. As a recently minted father of a daughter myself, I nodded in agreement with this quote from the second article I linked:

"I'm still waiting for the first father to tell me he doesn't mind his daughter dancing that way," [Principal Charles] Salter said.

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the non-sequitor:

I won't be able to organize a response- but hopefully, someone will show up. Just thought you'd want to know. Feel free to circulate widely.

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Teri said...

I think that kind of dancing is totally disgusting. It's true, it's like they're having naughty sex on the dancefloor, not even tasteful sex, but the naughty kind.

you almost want to tell them "get a room already".

Darren said...

As I tell my high school students:

Boys, if you wouldn't dance with your mothers that way, and girls, if you wouldn't dance with your fathers that way, it's because you know there's something sexual about it. And school is not the place to be doing something sexual.