Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mama Moonbat is coming to town!

Cindy Sheehan, the woman who most recently said that she wishes she could go back in time and kill President George W. Bush when he was an infant, is going to be the guest of honor at an upcoming anti-war protest at the intersection of 16th and Broadway in Sacramento. This is the same location where I photographed all those beastly people at the Hate-Israel fest a couple of months back.

One of the pro-Israel counterprotestors that I met at that rally sometimes lets me know about the really good Moonbat rallies coming up, and she has alerted me once again. Here is the info about the rally that she sent me. This info was of course, written by the Moonbats:

Announcement from the usual suspects:

Huge Peace Demo with CINDY SHEEHAN!
START DATE: Friday October 27
TIME: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location Details:
All four corners of the intersection of 16th & Broadway, IN SACRAMENTO
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Stephen & Virginia Pearcy
Email Address stephen.pearcy [at]
Phone Number (510) 559-3118
Hello everyone,

Please join Cindy Sheehan, and many other peace activists, at 16th & Broadway, in Sacramento, FRIDAY, October 27th, from 4pm to 6pm, to protest George Bush's catastrophe in Iraq and the most corrupt American presidency in history!

A heartfelt patriot, Cindy continues to work tirelessly to prevent other parents, widows, orphans, relatives of soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians from becoming the next victims of an unjustly prosecuted, obscene, genocidal, illegal war, fought in violation of international law, Geneva Convention accords and our currently imperiled Constitution.

As elections approach, and during a month on par to be the deadliest ever for Americans in Iraq, it's particularly important now to keep the spotlight on the Republican-orchestrated disaster that has already claimed the lives of over 655,000 Iraqi civilians and 2,800 American soldiers.

There will also be a major demonstration (and counter demonstration) in San Francisco the next day, UN PLaza 11:30 -1:30.

I don't know yet if I can make it to this protest, but if it turns out I can, I know of at least two of my fellow local bloggers who I would love to join me (paging Darren and George!). Again, I will check with she-who-keeps-the-calendar (my wife), and see if I can swing this one. If I can, I will be there with digital camera in hand. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get a shot like this one:

Good Day to You, Sir


Darren said...

I'm "dad" next weekend, otherwise I'd be all over it. I don't want to take my son to see such things. It doesn't do good to show children adults who act irrationally. He has an entire lifetime to see that on his own, he doesn't need me to help him along that road at such a young age.

George said...

We could bring large Jamba Juices!!! The Official Fasting "Juice" of Cindy Sheehan.

Chanman said...

Don't forget about Coffee with ice cream in it! That's what she drank when Jamba Juice wasn't available.