Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Different look, same hard-hitting commentary

I hope I am not confusing anyone with my metamorphizing blog. I just decided the other day that I was sick to death of the simple maroon look that you all remember. I tried the blue with green and tan for a couple days, but as my wife told me, that was precisely like the same type of boring shirt that I always seem to pick out at the Gap or Eddie Bauer. She told me I needed to pick something that pops, or else return to the faithful maroon color. So, here is my new look. My one worry is that it does not convey the seriousness of my subject matter or my demeanor... or am I just thinking way too hard about all this?

If you wish to indulge me in my meaningless obsessions, you are more than welcome to weigh in with your opinion as to whether or not this new look should stay, or should I return to old faithful maroon?

Thank you for your patience, and Good Day to You, Sir


t said...

Personally, I prefer the blue/green colors that you were recently using. They were soothing on the eye. I think the orange is a little too "popping". Also, your links and continued "about me" are now at the bottom. That is my opinion, do with it what you will.

nebraska girl said...

I agree with t...this look is a little hard on the eyes. But it's the content that really counts, and as far as I can tell that is still top notch.

bluejay said...

Sorry Chanman, I agree with the other comments. Lose the orange.