Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another Muslim gone wild?

In the wake of a fatal shooting at the El Al counter at LAX by a Muslim in 2002, a fatal shooting this summer at a Jewish Center in Seattle by a Muslim, and the running down of students this spring on a North Carolina college campus by a Muslim, we now have a nutjob in San Francisco who treated the streets of San Francisco as his personal bowling alley, knocking down human pins on sidewalks and crosswalks until his fun came to an end in front of a (here it comes), Jewish Community Center. The name of this so-called driver? Omeed Aziz Popal. Is this another case of Muslim rage? Too early to tell, but I do have precedent on my side.

Here's the article about today's incident from the San Francisco Chronicle that I found linked on Drudge.

Good Day to You, Sir


Coach Brown said...

So far it is not about "Muslim Rage". It looks like this guy has a history of serious mental instability. He was miserable with his marriage, saw the devil in his dreams, all kinds of wierd stuff.

Chanman said...

There's a report on KTVU out of San Francisco (see Little Green Footballs) that an eyewitness heard the perp refer to himself as a terrorist. We will see what happens. I don't doubt the guy was a nut, but do many of these radical wackjobs strike you as sane?

Miroslav said...

So whats the final word on this story?

Chanman said...

Good question,
The media dropped it like a hot potato, and I have heard nothing since, with the exception of something I heard on Savage. He said on his program recently that one of his sources in the SFPD told him that the perp was muttering "Allahu Akbar" to himself over and over again during his ride to the pokey.

Anonymous said...

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