Monday, May 13, 2013

Lighten up, Francisco

I'm 8 days late and a Peso short on this topic, but I only discovered this article tonight.

Apparently, some Mexican college activists here in the United States are/were unhappy about how some people celebrate the semi-faux holiday of Cinco de Mayo:
Drinking tequila shots, eating tacos, and wearing sombreros do not commemorate Mexican culture; on the contrary, that offends, marginalizes, and isolates many of our friends, classmates, and community members, and casts our entire community in poor light...
Hmmm, no mention from them about the fun and ridiculous things that people do on St. Patrick's Day. Having a mucho amount of Irish blood in me, I could get all indignant about some of the potentially offensive sights I see on St. Paddy's Day (including calling it St. Paddy's Day). Instead of tequila, it's whiskey or Killian's Irish Red beer. Instead of tacos, it's corned beef. Instead of sombreros, it's those little green bowler hats that leprechauns wear. The difference is that I could give a shit less that people are making light of the Irish culture. Apparently, these Mexican activists are, like many professional activists out there, looking for something - anything - about which to be aggrieved and offended.

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Duffy said...

IMNHO, both cases are born of ignorance not derision. The only knowledge people tend to have of Irish culture is a few hackneyed tunes (c.f. Danny Boy) and green and beer and leprachauns. It used to bother me to but eh, I don't really care there are bigger fish to fry. I think Cinco de Mayo is probably the same thing. I don't know anything about Mexican culture aside from big guitars and sombreros either.