Friday, August 17, 2012

Please keep Biden. Please.

The meme is starting to be floated out there that the old crazy uncle in the Democrat attic, Vice Prez Joe Biden, might be replaced on Obama's 2012 ticket.  Maybe he will, maybe he won't.

I for one am hoping and praying that he stays on board the Obama Crazy Train for two simple reasons:

1.) Where else would we find someone else who is more gaffetastic than he?

2.) Don't you want to see him attempt to debate Paul Ryan when they lock horns at their Vice Presidential debate on October 11 of this year?  It will be like watching William F. Buckley taking on Larry from the Three Stooges.

The Republicans have put together a short add that asks Obama to keep Biden on board by showcasing Biden's many verbal missteps in a most humorous fashion:

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson


TeachJoeP said...

I'm convinced that's why Sarah Palin came out and said he should be replaced. No Democrat liberal wants to be seen taking advice from "her", so they are stuck with Joe.

KauaiMark said...

Where's a "thumbs up" button when you need one?

Darren said...


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