Thursday, November 17, 2011

A "Reader's Digest" version of two Obama Administration scandals that the statist media would rather you forget

It must be nice to be on the left side of the political aisle and thus have an entire media apparatus run interference for you by not reporting to the American people that which would be blasted from the rooftops if a conservative President occupied the White House. Here are the two scandals currently flying under the radar, either of which would sink a conservative presidency:


It's simple really: Barack Obama hates oil and coal. He is one of these eco-topia nutballs who thinks we should do away with carbon-based fuel sources that are actually effective and inexpensive, and replace them with so-called "green" or "clean" sources of energy such as wind and solar that are mostly ineffective, prohibitively expensive, and not nearly as clean as he would like you to think. That is why his administration has been handing out billions of our taxpayer dollars to private companies - or more specifically, EVIL CORPORATIONS - that produce these pie-in-the-sky power products that can only turn a profit if they are heavily subsidized by Joe Taxpayer. Even then, after being thoroughly padded with our hard-earned tax money, many of these "green energy" companies still go under. And the tragic part is that apparently, the Obama administration is willing and able to give these companies our money even when it is perfectly clear that the company is doomed to financial failure.

One such example was Solyndra, a Fremont, California-based company that produced solar panels. Notice I speak of this company in the past tense because Solyndra is now bankrupt and defunct. But not before Solyndra first received about $530 million of our taxpayer dollars in the form of a federal loan guarantee. Emails are now surfacing due to FOIA requests and a House investigation revealing that the Obama administration pushed to have Solyndra receive this half-billion dollar, taxpayer-funded, loan even though it was already apparent that Solyndra was going broke. In fact, it now looks like the Obama administration was strong-arming Solyndra to not announce their inevitable layoffs until the day after the November 2010 mid-term elections. But boy, in the meantime, Solyndra made for a great success story photo-op when Obama made a visit to the company building to showcase to the American people what a great alternative solar was to that icky oil and coal on which we so much depend. Not only that, these "clean energy" loans somehow tend to end up in the hands of wealthy campaign donors and bundlers who helped Obama get elected, or are trying to help him get re-elected.

Fast and Furious:

Two years ago, the American lamestream media made great hay out of reports that many of the guns that were being used to commit crimes in Mexico were being traced back to the United States as the country of origin. In April of 2009, President Obama announced in a speech that more than "ninety percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States." That turned out not to be the whole truth, as not every gun recovered was traced. What was likely happening was that the Mexican government was submitting for tracing, guns that likely had come from the United States. That will of course increase the percentage.

Now that the Fast and Furious scandal has begun to gain some traction in the wake of the beginning of Congressional hearings that have made AG Eric Holder look like a liar or a blithering idiot, we can start to get an idea of why so many guns captured in Mexico turned out to be from the United States: because U.S. federal law enforcement agencies were ensuring that guns from U.S. gun stores were being smuggled into Mexico and handed over to Mexican drug cartels. Ultimately, those guns have been estimated to be involved in the murders of at least 200 Mexican citizens and 2 U.S. law enforcement agents.

Now why would Obama's Justice Department do such a thing? The purported purpose was to allow these guns to be traced to the cartels so that criminal charges against them could be shored up. However, accountability of the guns was quickly lost, and they disappeared into the netherworld of the Mexican crime world, only to resurface at the scenes of hundreds of murders.

I will now add my opinion. I believe Fast and Furious was an effort by Obama and Holder to demonize gun dealers and gun owners in the United States, and use the violence caused by the use of these weapons in Mexico as a pretext to strip law-abiding Americans of our right to defend ourselves through the keeping and bearing of arms as is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Why do I think that? Because I remember when the "90%" meme was being bandied about in 2009, politicians were calling for the stripping of the rights of law-abiding American gun owners in order to remedy the situation. How convenient is that?


Like I stated, this was only a "Reader's Digest" version of these two scandals; a primer if you will. For the finer details, do your own research. If you will only Google or Bing "Solyndra scandal" or "Fast and Furious scandal" you will find mountains of news stories, both from so-called mainstream and alternative sources, that will cover every angle of these scandals. The mainstream media do report on these scandals, but they either bury it on page A24, such as the N.Y. Times did with Solyndra news the other day, or they report it and then move on without further comment. A good example of this technique was noted the other day by the conservative blogo-sphere when the statist talking heads on MSNBC's Morning Joe program spent oodles of time mocking and insulting the Republican presidential candidates, but when a news story was mentioned about the Obama administration requesting that news of Solyndra layoffs be held off until the day after the 2010 midterms, those same talking heads clammed up, and far off in the distance, a cricket chirped. They spent a lot more time making fun of Herman Cain's fedora than they did about the deliberate waste of a half-billion taxpayer dollars.

Watch Newsbusters' compilation of the hilarity:

With that kind of hard-hitting coverage (/s) of Obama's scandals, it is not surprising that the average citizens out there haven't a clue what is going on.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson

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