Friday, December 03, 2010

Team Guts!

When I ran track and cross-country in college, it was quite evident that I was much better at the former. I hated cross-country with every fiber of my being, but I ran it because my coach believed it would give me a good base to build on when track speedwork began in the winter. My effectiveness in a race petered out after anything longer than a mile, so the four-mile races in cross-country were utter torture for me.

Of course, torture is the nature of cross-country running. There is a reason that emblazoned across the back our team t-shirts was, "TEAM GUTS."

Now that you know how tough cross-country running can be, watch this visual representation of the TEAM GUTS philosophy in action. Ladies and Gentlemen, this young lady has guts, and also a lot of heart:

Admittedly, you also have to have a few screws loose. I don't miss those autumn days of the early 1990s.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson

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