Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recent escapades of the "peace-loving" Left

While the lamestream news media continue to engage in their never-ending snipe hunt where they look for conservative and Tea Party explosions of violence that don't exist, the same media have a little trouble finding the fortitude to report real violence that is being carried out by people from their side of the political aisle. When they do report it, the story quickly dies and is swept away, whereas if the same violent acts were carried out by someone from the Tea Party movement? We would never hear the end of it.

It recently started in late August with Michael Enright, the drunk guy who stabbed the Muslim taxi-cab driver near the site of the proposed Ground Zero mosque. Boy, oh, boy, the Left were giddy! This was a slam dunk! Right in the middle of the mosque controversy, a Muslim is stabbed near the site of the controversy. Too bad for the Left when it turned out that Enright worked for an organization that supports the building of the mosque. Oops. Lefties began to squeal that it didn't matter for whom the guy worked, he just had to be a crazy right-winger anyway! The fact that this story has practically disappeared from the news tells us all we need to know. Had Enright been on the anti-mosque side, we would never hear the end of it. As it was, Lefties blamed Enright's attack on the anti-mosque people anyway, for creating the conditions that made it more likely for something like this to happen. Damned if you do...

A few days later, a baby-hating (literally), anti-capitalist, Inconvenient Truth-loving environmentalist wack-job named James Jay Lee strapped what looked like explosives to his body and took hostages at the headquarters for the Discovery Channel. He finally had to be killed by police. Because his left-wing, statist screed mentioned "anchor babies," it was hilarious to watch the Leftists in the media and the blogosphere glom on to that one. Of course, the anchor baby reference only sounded bad if you didn't read the rest of the manifesto. I have read the manifesto, and Lee couldn't have cared less about anchor babies ruining the finances and cultural heritage of the United States; he just looked at them as another vehicle for further populating the world with human beings, which he was really against.

And then just the other day, a leftist, anarchist militant named Casey Brezik slashed the throat of a college dean in Missouri. At the time, the governor of Missouri was on the way to that very location to give a speech. Brezik's Facebook page was rife with racial and religious quotes about blacks and Islam, and his braggadocio about spitting on a police officer at last year's G-20 summit in Toronto.

All this violence on the Left that has happened in the last three weeks, and it doesn't get one-eighth of the airplay it would receive had the perpetrators been Tea Party members. Hell, the statist news media and blogosphere are still talking up the imaginary racial slurs that Tea Party members never uttered at those black congresscritters all the way back in March.

Good thing the Tea Partiers didn't stab them.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson

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