Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So, what have those "racist" Tea Partiers been up to lately?

You know some of those left-wing talking points; say it with me in a voice that drips with monotone sing-song: The Tea Party movement is just a bunch of racist shills of the Republican party.

Let's just see some of the scalps the Tea Party has collected:

I don't know, she looks pretty white to me. And what's this? She's a Republican? How can that be? Ah, I see. Lisa Murkowski, Senator from Alaska, was actually what we call a Republican-in-name-only, or RINO for short. There is also DIABLO (Democrat-in-all-but-label-only), but RINO is shorter to say. The good news is that this particular RINO will only be a Senator until January 3, 2011. Just tonight, she conceded defeat to the Tea Party-backed candidate, Joe Miller, in Alaska's Republican senatorial primary. That's just the most recent removal of an incumbent RINO in the primaries. Back in May of this year, the Tea Party ousted this guy:

That's Bob Bennett, longtime Republican senator from Utah, and another RINO. He was elected to the Senate in 1992, but he will be leaving in 2011, as he was not picked at the Utah Republican Convention to be their candidate this year. The convention went with a Tea Party-back candidate instead. See how dark Bob Bennett's skin is? Why that dastardly racist Tea Party.

Where there was no incumbent RINO trying to retain his or her seat, we saw in the Republican primaries the Tea Party-backed candidate defeat the candidate that was favored by the Republican establishment. For instance, Rand Paul defeated this man who was handpicked by the Kentucky Republican Party to be the Bluegrass State's Republican senatorial candidate:

That would be Trey Grayson, another RINO who will not be running in the November election, and another victim of the racist Tea Party.

Let's throw in one more example for good measure, just to make sure you get the point how racist this Tea Party movement is. Here is yet another candidate who didn't make the cut in a Republican primary; in this case a House of Representatives district in South Carolina:

This is Paul Thurmond, son of long-time (he died in office at age 100) South Carolina Senator (and former segregationist) Strom Thurmond. With a name like Thurmond, running for office as a Republican in South Carolina ought to make you a lock. Nuh uh. Instead, Republican voters in this South Carolina district chose the Tea Party-backed candidate. Look who these racist Republican-leaning Tea Partiers chose:

This is Tim Scott, who defeated Paul Thurmond in a runoff election by a vote of 68% to 32%. Scott was endorsed by Sarah Palin, who has also endorsed several other Tea Party-backed candidates, including, of course, Joe Miller, who defeated Lisa Murkowski up in Alaska.

There are some nefarious pundits and peabrains out there who have staked their careers and popularity among the ruling class on calling the Tea Party movement "racist" and "shills for the Republican Party." No matter what the Tea Party does to show this isn't the case is unimportant to them. But instead of the words of these libelous jerks, instead pay attention to the actions of the Tea Partiers. They are working to get rid of these dead-weight Democrat-lite Republicans who have been entrenched for years like ticks on the body politic. And guess what? These incumbents and establishment picks have all pretty much been as white as Whitey McWhiteski.

No matter; the lapdog media has a narrative to push, and the contrary evidence be damned.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson


Darren said...

Excellent point, well done.

By the way, Joe Miller and I share both a last name and an alma mater :) I heard him on the Hugh Hewitt Show this past week, he's a good egg.

Anonymous said...

Aye got a black friend, Aye carnt be racist!

W.R. Chandler said...


Mark A. Smith said...

Boy if this article wasn't filled with typical hate from a right-wing zealot. How about taking all of that energy wasted spewing your hate message and doing writing something more positive.

I'm sure in journalism school (and from the sounds of it, she never attended one) there is a purpose for a written piece. There's an issue with some kind of resolve or possibly a question posed by the end of the piece. The only thing that she accomplished was letting the readers know that the only thing she hates more that Democrats are Republicans that don't fall in line with the party line.

People are generally moderate by nature on both sides of the isle. When these type of extreme conservatives say Democrat or liberal as if anyone associated with such labels are the anti-Christ, it just shows their inability to speak with reason and true intellect about any topic that may pose differing viewpoints. It saddens me that there is actually an audience for this type of hate speech.

And for a parting note, I give this writer a bit of advice. You may actually sway some people on the fence to your side of the argument by dropping alot of the negative descriptions you pour into every sentence in which you include the people you despise. It will make this piece appear to be written by someone with reason, intellect, and at least a pinch of sanity.

W.R. Chandler said...

And a bit of advice for you, Mark. First, I am not a "she." If you took those mad journalism skillz you apparently have, you would have noticed that I give plenty of information about myself that identifies me as a "he."

Second, your meandering, non-sensical post causes me to discount anything valuable that you might have to say. Take a deep breath, rewrite your comment.

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