Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jerry Brown showing his true colors: Code Pink

This afternoon, California gubernatorial hopeful, Jerry Brown, will be attending a $500-per-plate fundraiser in southern California at the home of one Jodie Evans.

Who is Jodie Evans? Click the link for a fully-sourced profile of her, but in short, she is a co-founder (along with Castro-loving communist agitator Medea Benjamin) of a viciously nasty anti-American protest group called Code Pink. Code Pink especially made a name for themselves during the years of the George W. Bush presidency by showing up at any and all anti-Iraq and anti-Afghanistan war protests, disrupting congressional hearings by screaming at the top of their lungs while wearing their ubiquitous fuzzy pink boas, and perhaps most notoriously by picketing the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting station in Berkeley, California. Read here for the account of one mother who was told by Code Pink members during that Berkeley protest that her son, who was killed in Iraq, deserved to die.

Just to punctuate my point about this evil organization and the evil-loving ladies who run it, here is a photo showing the lovely Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, and Medea Benjamin posing with the Communist, terrorist-supporting, free-speech killing, anti-American Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez. Jodie Evans is the redhead standing second from the left:

In the past, Jodie Evans has sung the praises of the Taliban in Afghanistan; the terrorists in Fallujah, Iraq (and also raised $600,000 to help fund them); the human shield-using terrorists of Hamas; and of course Castro's Cuba.

Knowing all of this, and knowing how easy it is to find out this information, I would love to hear Jerry Brown's justification for actually showing his face at a fundraiser being held today at the home of such a despicable woman who heads such a despicable organization.

Seriously, California, do you really want Jerry Brown as your governor? While the Republicans are fielding another barely-tolerable, politically squishy candidate like Meg Whitman, it is apparent that the Democrats are going all in with a man who is willing to associate and accept money from moral degenerates who hate everything the United States stands for and openly roots for those who kill American soldiers; especially when they referred to the foreign terrorists in Iraq as "freedom fighters."

With this in mind, I urge California voters to pull the lever for Meg Whitman in November. Even though California has a reputation for being a state that leans left, it is pretty obvious that Jerry Brown is too extreme even for the Golden State.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson

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Cami.Farr said...

Super article. Hope that more people see it and vote accordingly. Both parties are so bad and the voters once again must vote against the lessor candidate not for the best one. In this case we all have to cast a vote against Brown.