Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So, what are those racist Republicans up to?


How about fielding a record number of black congressional candidates? The most, in fact, since Reconstruction in the 1870s.

What is especially sweet is that the article that describes this situation is from none other than the Conservative/Republican-hating New York Times.

There are occasions when I can't get NYT articles to come up on the screen, so just in case you are in the same boat, here is the meat of the article:
...But now black Republicans are running across the country — from a largely white swath of beach communities in Florida to the suburbs of Phoenix, where an African-American candidate has raised more money than all but two of his nine (white) Republican competitors in the primary.

Party officials and the candidates themselves acknowledge that they still have uphill fights in both the primaries and the general elections, but they say that black Republicans are running with a confidence they have never had before. They credit the marriage of two factors: dissatisfaction with the Obama administration, and the proof, as provided by Mr. Obama, that blacks can get elected....
And who said nothing positive came out of the election of our Dear Leader? Heh, heh.


Nepotism monkey Luke Russert (son of the departed Tim Russert) provided a hilarious little snippet in which he expresses deep-felt surprise that many of these black Republican candidates would actually proposition that bastion of bigotry, the Tea Party, for support. Listen to Russert's voice break in high-pitched surprise as he utters the word "Tea" in "Tea Party." These statist media clowns are so frickin' clueless.

I tried to embed the video, but there is something wrong with the embed code. Here is a link to the video, which is 26 seconds in length.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson

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