Thursday, April 01, 2010

Buckhorn Road finally discovers YouTube

After owning my Flip camera for almost two years, I finally figure out that it is compatible with YouTube. Don't be frightened; it's only me:

Good Day to You, Sir


Anonymous said...

Good work. Glad you did not start with "Hey there everybody."

Anonymous said...

Watch "Digital Nation". Multi-tasking is not effective.

Appreciate your attention to detail when you point out the "in history" phrase.

I have grown convinced that high school students can function well-enough while being interrupted by the occasional text message.

Did you re-enlist?


Chanman said...

Oh, did you like my sweater? That is a "Summit Pullover" from Eddie Bauer. I love that thing.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more about the hair, or lack thereof.


Chanman said...

Ah, you just happened to catch me right after it was cut.

Darren said...

And *I* thought you were looking a little shaggy.

Polski3 said...

Nice "post" First video teacher blog I've read/seen ! Would someone take seriously quotes from a prof. at an institution such as Calif. State Univ. Dominguez Hills? Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Heidelburg.....a bit more academic clout, methinks.

Wonder what the follow up article in Forbes or the Wall Street Journal will have to say to employers about their Gen Z employees ?