Monday, April 26, 2010

And now a word from our "post-racial" president

I swear, this man is making me more queasy by the day. Our Dear Leader, Barack Obama, has put out the clarion call for the racial minorities who elected him in 2008 to get off their duffs and come back to the polls for the 2010 mid-terms. What does that say about your constituency when you have to beg to them to not vote just once?

Now don't get me wrong, if minority voters want to vote for Barack Obama based on the color of his skin, that's their perogative - misguided though it is. However, I must ask you: What if a white politician sat there and asked his white constitutents to head back to the polls and pull the lever for his policies? Ya think some people might have a problem with that? Which is why no white politician would have made such a racially naked request in the first place. Ah, but our illustrious president has no problem going on YouTube and displaying his racial cynicism for everyone to see. Watch the entire 2 minute and 42 second video if you need something to make you drowsy, but please listen for the money quote at 1:58.

Remember, as a candidate for the presidency, Obama was the one who promised he would heal our divisions and bring us together. Now he is openly attempting to divide us along racial and gender lines. Yet another campaign promise dead and buried. Of course, looking at recent approval poll numbers, it isn't the loss of the votes of racial minorities that Obama should be worried about. He should be worrying about the loss of white independents who voted for him in 2008, and have left him in droves since then, while making numerous indications that they will punish the Dems in congress come November. Like I said recently, I can't wait until the evening of November 2, 2010! No matter what happens, it will be memorable.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was, and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson

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dusty said...

that quote was definitely the money shot!